Understanding Alimony And How It Can Apply To You

Alimony is a term you will commonly hear during divorce proceedings. In simple terms, it is a financial arrangement between divorcing couples, one of whom will receive financial support from the other upon separation. Generally, the non-working partner will receive regular payments from his/her employed spouse depending on the latter's income.


In many cases, one of the married couples is employed while the other takes care of the household and provides emotional and physical support to the working one. In this case, think of alimony as recognition for the contributions and sacrifices given all throughout the relationship.

There are several factors that can affect the amount of alimony one can get from the separation. Among these is the condition of the marriage itself - how long it lasted, sacrifices made, and challenges both parties have faced, among others. Incomes and the ability of the domestic partner to achieve financial independence are also factors to take into account.

There are also different types of alimony. One is called lump sum alimony, wherein the domestic partner will receive the full amount of alimony at once. No succeeding payments will be done in this case. Another type is temporary alimony, which covers financial support to the receiving partner for a certain period of time only. The payment can be stopped when the receiving partner finds a stable job and gains financial independence. Permanent alimony is the last type, wherein the receiving partner will get financial support for indefinite period of time.

Understanding how alimony works and which type applies to your situation is essential so that you will get what you truly deserve from your marriage.

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