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Restriction on 23 Dominican-made products, a Haitian victory

After years of conducting uncoordinated politic toward the Dominican Republic; after so many years of Master/ servant relationship between the two countries, I am feeling a little bit hopeful with this decision of the Haitian government to put restriction on 23 Dominican-made products in direction to Haiti. This marks a turn in decades of allowing the Dominican Republic to export everything they want to us with any restriction.

Haiti accounts for $1 billion annually of Dominican imports. I want to make an important correction in that figure; this is an official number which does not take into account the illegal trades. In addition, Haitians currently studying in the neighboring country also contribute largely to the Dominican economy.

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Dominicans want to talk as product ban could cost them 500 millions a year

It is clear that the Dominican authorities did not take the recent decision of the Haitian authorities to ban 23 Dominican products from from the road, with grace and resignation. Having an understanding of what the decision will likely do their economy, Industry and Commerce minister of the Dominican Republic, Jose del Castillo, already sees room for talk with the Haitian government in order to come to an understanding regarding the ban.

Jose del Castillo said the Haitian government needs to analyze the possibility of withdrawing the measure which will affect not only Dominican industry, but also Haitian merchants and transporters. He estimated that having the products transported by sea or air as suggested by the Haitian authorities suggested would raise costs.

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23 Dominican products no longer be imported to Haiti by road

The Haitian government has decided to put restrictions on some Dominican products. In another word, for the sake of better control of its border, Haiti´s Economy and Finance Ministry just submitted a lost of Dominican products that can only arrive in Haiti by either sea or air.

The ban which took effect on Wednesday (9/16/15) includes the following products: wheat flour, cooking oil, soap, detergent, foam packaging, water, pasta, household utensils ( plastics), cookies, bodywork products, butter, shortening, powder juice, soft drinks, beer, snacks, milled corn. Also cement, auto paint, rebar for construction, , PVC pipes, , mattresses and heavy construction equipment (even rentals).

The Ministry warned the public that in case of violation of this new regulation, these named products will be confiscated by the General Administration of Customs.

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Obama Administration Mum on Dominican Human Rights Issue

Organization of American States (OAS) issued a report, stating policies and practices implemented by the Dominican Republic (DR), under immigration reform, have risked rendering people stateless, as well as initiating a humanitarian crisis at the DR / Haiti border. OAS activists organized at the OAS building, then walked the half mile to the White House gates. There they protested loudly, carrying placards and demanding rights for everyone in the DR. Obama as yet to make a public statement on the issue. The U.S.'s gesture has been to send humanitarian aid to those in refugee camps on the border.

The international community has been vociferous in its denunciation of DR denationalization policies, pleading with them to carry out deportations humanely. Why the U.S. has not definitively expressed its opposition to the harsh immigration policy is perplexing. Rights 4 All in DR's, France Francois, thinks it sly Obama would fly to Africa to discuss human rights but ignore the ". . . human rights crisis . . . taking place right in our backyard." So far over 40,000 Haitians and Dominican-Haitians have deported themselves in fear of inhumane treatment. The majority of them are camped along the border.

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Dominicans to suspend all traffic to Haiti In protest for trucks attacked

DR Says no more Supplies to Haiti until Driver Safety Guaranteed. A fleet of 60 vans, owned by Federacion Nacional de Transporte Dominicano, were ambushed in Jimani by Haitians wielding machetes and guns. They ransacked the vehicles, taking construction items and personal goods. Damage to vans came to 100 million-plus pesos.

Drivers were injured, some taken to Jimani hospital. Fenatrado President Peralta said no more vans will enter Haiti until Haitian and Dominican governments settle the cross-border conflict and guarantee Fenatrado drivers' safety.

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OAS recommends more dialogue between Dominicans and Haitians

If you expected the technical mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) to come hard on the Dominicans for the way in which they treat our Haitian brothers or Dominicans of Haitian descent, you will not be happy with their recommendations. More dialogues it is.

As you may know, a technical mission of the OAS was formed to look into the current immigration problem between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. After visiting both countries and talking to officials as well as some of the victims of the massive deportation at the border, the team concluded that the only solution to the matter is more dialogue between Haiti and the Dominican republic.

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Minustah and Haitian Police now provide security to Dominican trucks now

The business of providing goods to Haiti must not stop for any reason. The Observer just learned that members of the United Nations Mission for Stability in Haiti (Minustah) and the Haitian police are now escorting some some of the Dominican trucks entering Haiti to deliver merchandises to insure their security.

Mr. Blas Peralta who is the president of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation reported that a guarded route has been established where the Dominican trucks will enter Haiti from Jimani to the town of Kwadebouke and Haiti International Airport

The power of the economy:
This is interesting to observe. No major decisions have been made by any of the two government until there are some economic consequences. As you can see once the problem starts affecting some deep pockets, a solution to the crises is found, not when a poor Haitian was hanged.

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Dominican Military helicopters and attack planes entered Haitian territory

It has been reported that several Dominican military helicopters and attack planes on Friday flew in the Haiti Dominican border near the city of f Dajabón. The military aircrafts conduct low flights operations along border, prior announcements of planned incidents. According to some witnesses, at one point, the military airplanes were observed crossing the border.

Dominican military sources denied at any time that they crossed the border. However, they acknowledged the reconnaissance flights in response to the 24 trucks that have been confiscated in Haiti.

Is this getting out of control?

What should the Haitian government do in this situation?

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Dominicans considering Border wall to avoid peaceful invasion of Haitians

According to the Dominican Deputy for the National District, Mr Vinicio Castillo, who is very influential, the Dominican Republic is currently considering constructing a wall along her boundary with Haiti. He was being interviewed by Julian Valdes, who is the Director of the Political Observatory Dominican. He said that in his party, the most important issue is the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic, and he added that between these two nations there exists a physical boundary which should be respected. He explained that the situation needs urgent action to ensure strict immigration measures have been put in place.

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Dominican Military Keeps Peace at Cross-Border Market

Tensions have escalated between the Dominican Republic and Haiti since the DR Constitutional Court issued a ruling, rescinding Haitian immigrants and their descendents from remaining in the country. The results of this ruling are affecting Haitian entrepreneurs.

Haiti has a large, informal small business sector. Merchants sell items purchased on the black market, sent from the U.S. by relatives, or donated by charities. Biweekly, Haitian merchants cross from Ouanaminthe over to Dajabón province in the DR to vend merchandise at the cross-border market.

Reports picked up by local media say tensions between Ouanaminthe and Dajabón merchants have led to a few skirmishes at the cross-border market. DR Border Security and the military have also detained Haitians, whose profiles have revealed questionable activities. But at the last Monday and Friday market days, it was reported no problems occurred with the border crossing over the Massacre River. These incident-free events have been ascribed to a strong military presence.

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