Devastating 2010 Earthquake Hinders Reconstruction Process

Haiti will forever live to remember the worst earthquake that hit its capital about two years ago. Despite the fact that the damage caused was immense, international community and the long supportive US to Haiti gave substantial hopes to Haiti's government and entire Haiti at large through reconstruction pledges. According to US top government officials who were actively involved in the life saving operation after the catastrophe, they were later to venture into rebuilding Haiti and give it a strong base for reconstruction.


There were great hopes in the success of the initiative but the catastrophe chose to hit at the cornerstone of Haiti, Port au Prince, bringing all plans to a standstill. The earthquake that flattened Haiti's capital at first seemed manageable but a destruction of major Ministry apartments hindered any progress in the restructuring process. The US in particular had pledged to provide $1.8 billion for the reconstruction but lack of stable government to set up transparent strategies on the projects to be funded ruined it all.

Rene Preval expressed his grief in the stagnated restructuring process attributed to destruction of ministerial offices and international offices, US ambassador offices being one of them. This led to a prolonged demand for basic needs among many earthquake survivors in the hands of Red Cross Organization, Doctors without Borders Organization and Save the Children Organization.

With this demand at hand, Japan has pledged to offer a donation of $0.5 million to facilitate provision of basic needs to the catastrophe's victims. Yoshi Inaba, who heads Toyota Motors in North America, said that the donation was pooled from over 34000 Toyota Motors associates and members and were looking forward to aid in provision of the immediate needs of Haiti's earthquake victims.

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