Plan for Haiti to maintain its fragile stability

Haiti's stability has been a hard-won battle, and the country's grip on it remains a tenuous thing. The question on many minds now is how to strengthen that hold. How does Haiti maintain its fragile stability?


A 2007 document published by the International Crisis Group explored this while discussing former President Rene Preval's security challenges. The argument was that the stability and security of the country continued to be on shaky ground. While it looked on this weakness, it also took some strengths into consideration before making recommendations to the international community, UN agencies, the Haitian President and Government.

The document outlined that many years of what it describes as "institutional abandonment", as well as a weak state, have made implementation of Preval's plans for prison, police, security and justice reforms, uneven, retarded and hard to manage. It acknowledged the country's achievement of a delicate stableness against the armed gangs in Port-au-Prince, but noted that it needed consolidation.

The recommendations put forward were that the President oppose any attempt for the creation of a second national security force. Support must be given by the international community to the strategy of the government to simplify and bolster local government. They must also give technical and financial assistance to the plan for Cite Soleil. UN agencies were to launch community safety projects and policing training in HNP vetted locales. Finally, the Government was to give leaders in great standing locally the posts of departmental and vice delegates, and to put a stop to uncertainty at local levels by confirming those already in office.

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