Borlettes to Support Free Public-Education Program

The Haiti Education Ministry held a planning meeting on the Education Act recently. In attendance were the Board of Directors of the National Association of Borlettes Keepers (NABT); Prime Minister Lamothe; Presidential Representative Doré; and Minister of National Education and Vocation Training (NEVT) Pierre.


The meeting was called to talk about the government of Haiti's (GOH) plan for Universal Schooling Program Free and Mandatory (USPFM). The GOH wants the NABT to become familiar with long-range goals of the Education Act, and create a Memorandum of Understanding with the GOH.

The NABT and the National Fund for Education (NFE) are stakeholders for this initiative. They are waiting for Parliament to approve NFE funds to start building schools that will offer free public education. The NABT has been a cooperative body, eager to comply with requirements necessary to help offer free public-education access.

Parliament has been conservative in funding the Education Act, only 10% of its budget in 2012. The GOH has a five-year plan to offer all school children free education, but Parliament has stalled movement towards attaining this goal.

The NABT agreed to be assessed for taxation purposes, and will offer additional means of support for the Education Act. This was the response to Minister Pierre's emphasis on taxation as a necessary and reliable source of funding initiatives.

After the meeting, NABT attendees said they fully supported the USPFM initiative. What they want in return is GOH's mentorship in carrying out the regulatory and protection clauses in the Education Act.

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