Education represents major challenge for Haiti, but also the solutions to poverty

Principal of Santo's SOS School, Charles Myrtil, has expressed his belief that the state should provide education and build schools for the nation's children as a rule, regardless of which administration is in power. As the head of a school that has been instrumental in providing education, food and other necessities to children and their families in the poor regions (especially with the work they did following the 2010 earthquake), he is one who understands that one of the country's greatest problems, education, can also be its most viable solution out of poverty.


Almost half of the country of Haiti (approximately 5 million people) are under 18 years of age. The numbers of those living in poverty in the country are well known, so when 80% of schools are private, millions are left behind without the key ingredient to make their lives better. A cycle exists where poorer children are forever unable to bridge the educational, and therefore, social gap between them and those who can pay for educations. As such, illiteracy is rampant, and potentially brilliant minds, who could lift the country out of its mire, never have the chance to realize their abilities. Schools have been build to facilitate poorer students across the island, and programs, such as those offering meals, play a hand in helping to fix this problem. However, there are still children who, to receive their education on a daily basis, need to walk to school every day distances of 15 and even 20 kms.

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Subject: Education represents major challenge for Haiti, but also the solutions to poverty edit

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