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University of King Henri Christophe in Limonade fully operational in the fall, 2012

It is a reality, the newest university in Haiti, University of King Henri Christophe in Limonade, will start receiving this fall or in September to be precise. According to the Mr. Jean-Marie Théodat who is the Interim Chair of the Limonade Campus, the university will start with a total of 1,500 students who will not be staying on Campus.

Students enrolled at the University do have time to select a field of study that is of interest to them. According to Mr. Jean-Marie Théodat, no specific degree programs have been designed yet for students entering this fall. New students will begin with general education and on the second year, they will have available specific disciplines to specialize in.

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Ministry of Tourism starts hospitality training for Haitians

The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has selected five top students, who have graduated from the Hotel School of Haiti (HSH), to train front-of-the-house hotel employees, in a three-month long vocational program. They will instruct well over a thousand hotel service employees in Les Cayes, Camp-Perrrin, Jacmel, and North Departments. The classes will be conducted in Port-Salut. The new trainers have all received degrees in Hotel Management and Tourism and will continue their studies at Dominican University in Fall 2012.

The HSH, shuttered since the January 2010 earthquake, began classes again in January 2012. To raise the training program standards, the MOT, in an on-going partnership with the Institute of Tourism and Hotel of Quebec, will introduce new study materials at an August conference for instructors and school officials of the HSH.

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Green energy vocational training program in Leogane, Haiti

Haiti is one of the poorest countries around its region of location. It has for a very long time suffered greatly from bad governance which has been transferred from one generation to another with little success at cubing it. Natural calamities have not given the country a chance either the recent 2010 earthquake being a very good example of what they have been doing to the country. It is for this reason that there has been dire need for a good and reliable solution that would change all this.

One of the most advocated for ways to cub this problem is the introduction of Green energy vocational training program in Leogane. This plan is meant to among many other things introduce a source of power for the Neges Foundation so that it can develop a platform for sustainable operations that can allow them to scale up their educational programs for children. This is mainly because education is a vital part of a country`s economy plans for the future. It is estimated that over 25% of the nation`s children do not complete their education since they drop out of school and even universities so as to find jobs that can allow them lead close to normal lives like they all dream of.

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Heineken to build hospitals and schools in Haiti

As the third largest beer brewing company in the world, Heineken was established in 1864 in Amsterdam by Gerard Adrian Heineken, and has grown into a multi-billion company over the years.

The company is now planning to help Haiti by build hospitals and schools to the people there. This will speed up reconstruction together with other companies helping in other fields. It will help establish schools and hospitals in Haiti but will not brand them the name Heineken. This will help the nation a great deal as it is trying to reconstruct from the earthquake effects.

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Digicel Foundation Celebrates 5 Years of Education in Haiti

Digicel Foundation, an organization which is devoted to changing the standards of education in Haiti as well as involvement in meaningful social affairs marked its 5th birthday on an impressive note.

Digicel Foundation has set aside 300 US dollars to better education in Haiti. It has helped in building 720 schools and in training teachers who teach more than 30,000 students who have enrolled in these schools. It is also planning to build 80 other schools, bringing the total number of schools built with its aid to 150.

Digicel Foundation's top management is pleased with the work it has done so far. The team further asserts that there is no conflict between it and the government in improving education in Haiti. Rather, the two work together, but in different ways. It concentrates on building schools and training teachers while the government chips in other ways such as waiving fees.

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Jonathan Vilma, Linebacker, open Academy for Peace and Justice School in Haiti

New Orleans Saints linebacker, Jonathan Vilma, recently opened an academy in Haiti which is known as the Jonathan Vilma Foundation. This institution is meant to enable all the children around the region get an education where he is able to provide most of the basic needs for these kids without much hassle on their part. This is because he is providing them with everything they need including an all paid for education. He raised $50,000 for this project and says that so for everything is working out just fine with everything intended being in place.

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Should Henry Christophe University be autonomous or under Government control?

The inauguration of the Henry Christophe University complex is symbolic and a big boost to the education sector in Haiti, but this has unsettled the public sector. The question in everyone's mind ever since the university complex was planned still rings true on the eve of the inauguration- should the university be autonomous or not?

There are two competing schools of thought right now in Haiti.

The first believes that Henry Christophe University should be part of the state's educational system. The other group is mainly made of concerned citizens from the northern part of the country. Their group believes that the university should be autonomous, and thus should come with its own set of board of regents and own budget.

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Did you hear this? All transfers will be paid in Haitian Gourdes, no more Dollar

We in the Diaspora are being hit once again. After levying a tax on the money I send to Haiti to pay for my children's education. After taxing the phone call I make to my family to make sure they received the money. Now it's the turn for the government to take part of the money I send to my family itself. The latest scam by the Haitian government is the decision that will require all money transfers in direction to Haiti to be delivered in Haitian Gourdes.

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Haiti Hospitality, Construction, Tourism Sectors to Receive Help

Haiti President Martelly is pursuing support from CARICOM to re-build Haiti's infrastructure. And he is also seeking job opportunities in vocational careers for students unable to afford a university education.

Responding, Antiguan Prime Minister Spencer has offered scholarships for its Hospitality Training Institute (HTI) for students interested in the hospitality industry. To make an official declaration of the scholarship program, HTI and the Haiti Ministry of Tourism will put their signatures to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Spencer indicated Antigua has a policy of offering scholarships to Caribbean countries afflicted by
natural disasters.

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One Laptop per Child to deliver over 2, 000 laptops to Haiti

DHL Express has partnered with the One Laptop per Child Foundation to deliver more than 2,000 laptops to Haiti for use by students and schools hit by the Haiti earthquake.

The One Laptop Per Child Foundation of Cambridge was established with the goal of bringing the world's children a low-price laptop. Its founder is Nicholas Negroponte, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor. The foundation offers its laptops for sale to governments of developing countries, which can then distribute the machines to poor school children.

Imagine each child in Haiti with a connected, rugged, hand-cranked or solar-powered laptop, to use at home and in school. This can provide a unique learning experience and make each Haitian child an agent of change.

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