Haiti wakes-up on Fire, following the Haiti Election 2010

Following the results of the 2010, protesters showed their frustration by burning public and private institutions, setting tires on fire and installing barricades all over he country.


The Haitian Joudalist just learned that the city of Cayes was practically on fire last night. Some public buildings in the city were burned to the ground, including DGI, The seaport "Dwan o Kay", the Justice Palace and several schools. In addition, Radio Carlos Lebond was vandalized and "Boulevard 4 Chemin"is paralized.

Similar situations were also noted in the city of Cap-Haitian. There has been several acts of violence reported in Haiti following the results of the Haiti Election 2010. In several neighborhoods in Cap-Haitian, tires were burning in the streets.

In the Capital, same situations are noted. Barricades, Tire burning are noted in most of Port-au-Prince. Currently, the traffic is not moving because no vehicles are allowed.

There are no authorities to provide security. In some areas, we do not see any presence of authorities. The Haitian Joudalist was informed that in some instances, the population say Police officers running for their own security.

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Ladytropical says...


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Pierre says...

if you really a haitian you know how thing been done overthere please let the people fight for what they believed so don't judge what you can

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Kok Kreyol says...

Be ashame of yourself for being who you are. Not because of what these people are doing.

I dont think any of them think destruction is a good thing.

But if this is the only way they can be heard who to blame?

Dont waste your time thinking about what those public or private buildings represent for the some people.

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Jazzy J says...

not as embarrassed as me I am fed up they are my people for real but when you here all of these acts of destruction sometimes you really have to wonder if you to associate yourself with these people...such a shame education is really the key we need it

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Prosper Nazaire says...

These are the results of having a country left without an army, a strong police force a majority of uneducated peoples who have no ideas on how to behave in times like this, destruction is never the answer, they still don't understand why they say Haiti is the poorest country in the

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This is what I don't like about my people, I understand that they're frustrated but, do they have to burn stuff when the country in dire need of repair?

This is why Haiti will never advance, we're going to seat there and have to watch other country pass us up...it's a shame, I am so

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