Protesters demonstrating against Haiti Election 2010

This an example of how the streets of the Capital, Port-au-Prince, has been the center of violence, following the 2010 Haiti Election. People took to the streets to protest the way in which the election was conducted and also are demanding that it is cancelled.


Many people took the opportunity also to commit acts of violence and vandalism on private properties. We witnessed many cars were broken into, Stores set on fire, and public properties destroyed.

In Champ de Mars, thousand of people demonstrated and marched to the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince to demand annulment of the Presidential election. The protesters were confronted by the Unites Nation force MINUSTAH who had to use gas and other methods in order to control the crowd.

Do you have any comment on this my friend?

Destruction, always!

Construction, sometimes!

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Pierre says...

haiti will never change its going to be the worse country in the world, where government do what ever they want. if peoples are doing what ever they want in haiti who's going to thing about haiti.

now im thinking not eeeeevvvveeerrrr
to set my feet there because it, s never ever going to be safe for anyone.

CEP need to think about the peoples, if the public ic screaming aba cestin why is he there, if the public is screaming vive Sweet Micky, that means they voted for him. if the peoples vote dont count why have an election, they shoud just appointed someone of their choice, instead of putting the haitian peoples in all this mess. haiti and haitian they suck and they dont love the country, they just want to fill up their swiss bank account and rob the country blind and move to the dominican

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Pierre says...

do you know what you talking about if not shot the f

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Kok Kreyol says...

keep it quiet you. What do you know about Haiti.

This is a country where the people know what they want. They haven't got yet anything they wish but they don't wanna take any crap neither.

Wherever you're living, whatever goods you might own or whatever lifestyle you maybe living you can never feel what haitian people are about.

No stress no suicide.

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Manou says...

In watching this video clip, I feel sad for my country.

This only shows that we are unable to govern ourselves.

This population is not acting like human.

The Haitian people will need to work on becoming more civilized.

A nation with elements such as these seen on the streets will not go

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