CEP to make a fortune during the registration of candidates for Haiti Election

While the Haitian population is alarmed over the number of Political Parties already registered for the 2015 election in Haiti and the number of actual candidates likely to register at different level, the CEP is probably saying one thing: We are open for business and whoever is interested in running for something in Haiti, this is the time and we are an equal opportunity CEP who do not discriminate regardless of your race, your political affiliation, your income level or origin and your national origin.


I am not sure of the actual amount it requires to register to become a candidate at various level; however, one thing I was told is that this is not cheap. I am not certain, but doesn't it cost $500,000 Haitian gourdes to register to run as president? Running for the Senate and as a Deputy is a little cheaper, but not that much. We are looking at anywhere from 300 to 600 candidates.

Anyone who want to be president is welcome. Basically the CEP is ready to collect a record amount of money from these people with the illusion of becoming President, Senators, Deputies, etc.... For the time being, the only focus is on taking all applications, as long as the candidates are ready to pay the registration fee. No questions will be asked as to where the money came from.

This is not bad alt all.

Now, do you understand why the CEP does not have a problem with the number of Political parties registering or the number of Candidate ready to register?

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Toto Lalo says...

Have you ever asked this question?

why is the International community so willing to fund Haiti election?

Why all that interest.

is it because they care so much about establishing the Democratic system in Haiti or is it because this is the best way to get control on the process?

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Johnson Rosie says...

These politicians are nothing than Puppet working for other people.

They will sell Haiti the moment they have the chance.

Watch to see how these people are being bought.

Everyone has his "Blanc".

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Dessalines Idea says...

I totally agreed with the previous comment.

In Haitian politic, the only thing that counts is money and all the candidates who will be participating in this election are for sale.

Don't let them make you believe otherwise.

In this election, everyone will have his own "Blank", his own interest group doing whatever necessary to bring the victory to their candidate.

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Nativite Celi says...

We know that it cost lots of money to run for anything in Haiti; however, we do not want to face it. Do you expect the next Haitian president will have his hands free to do the best for Haiti or the Haitian people?

If you think so, I would not have any problem selling you a piece of land via internet.

The election period just announced is the time for big deals.

Remember, it cost money to run in Haiti election.

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