Colonel Himmler Rebu anticipates major catastrophe with election

One of the strongest reactions to the resignation of electoral councilor Nehemie Joseph from th CEP came from a former minister in the government of Michel Martelly. Colonel Himmler Rebu wants to make it clear that the best possible decision at this time is to stop with the election process. He predicted if the elections are allowed to continue, Haiti will face a major catastrophe.


Former Colonel Rebu thinks thath this resignation of Nehemie Joseph further validates the general view that grave errors were committed during the last election and that the CEP has chosen not to correct them.

Rebu doesn't have any doubt that if the election process is allowed to go on that there will be major catastrophe but rather when the catastrophe will take place

What do you think?

Do you think that "Eleksyon Tet Dwat"?

What makes the Haitian authorities certain that one way or another there will be election in Haiti this month?

Do you think at this time thee is a need for a provisional government in Haiti?

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