Jude Celestin caught between Moise Jean charles, G8 and the New Commission

The candidate for Lapeh, Jude Celestin, has been playing an unwinnable game since the last election in Haiti. Now it seems like regardless of all of his efforts, dedication and commitment he is going to lose the game very badly. Jude Celestin who has been qualified to participate in a run-off election with the Jovenel Moise, the candidate of PHTK got himself involved with the G8 because he thought that would have been his only chance to win in a run-off election with the well financed,well supported candidate of the executive, Jovenel Moise.


The G8 and Fanmi Lavalas

However, it seems that this strategy is had to follow. In fact, since the formation of the G8, Jude Celestin and Lapeh has been doing nothing else but putting water on the fire that has been spreading all over the group without control. The latest fire erupted is between Jude Celestin, Moise Jean charles and Samuel Madistin. While Moise jean Charles and the G8 has rejected the new commission, Jude Celestin and Lapeh have taken a conciliatory position by calling the formation of the new commission as a step in the right direction. Lapeh is now saying that they are waiting for the recommendations of the committee to determine whether or not they have been impartial.

Wouldn't it be too easy to evaluate the commission based on their recommendation? I guess any decision that doesn't confirm their suspicion would make the commission unfavorable

Haitian Kreyol:

Jude Celestin kenbe kom otaj ant Moise Jean Charles, G8 ak nouvo Komisyon an

Kandida pou Lapeh a, Jude Celestin, ape jwe yon jwèt ke li pa kapab jinyin depi eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti. Kounye a, li sanble tankou kèlkeswa tout efò l ', devouman ak angajman li pral pèdi match la. Jude Celestin ki te kalifye pou patisipe nan yon deziem tou eleksyon ak Jovenel Moise, kandida PHTK te resevwa tèt li ki patisipe nan G8 la paske li te panse se te sel chans sèlman pou genyen nan yon deziem tou eleksyon ak kandida Jovenel Moise ki byen finanse, byen sipòte ba pouvwa egzekitif la.

Sepandan, li sanble ke estrateji sa pa facil. An reyalite, depi fòmasyon G8 la, Jude Celestin ak Lapeh te ape fè yon sel bagay, mete dlo sou dife ki ape gaye sou gwoup la san kontwòl. Dènye dife ki te eklate se ant Jude Celestin, Moise Jean Charles ak Samyèl Madistin. Pandan ke Moise jean Charles ak G8 la te rejte komisyon nouvo an, Jude Celestin ak Lapeh te pran yon pozisyon konsylatwa lè w rele fòmasyon komisyon an kòm yon etap nan bon direksyon. Lapeh kounye a ki di ke yo ap tann pou rekòmandasyon komite a detèmine si wi ou non yo te san patipri.

Li ta twò fasil pou evalye komisyon an baze sou rekòmandasyon yo? Mwen devine nenpòt desizyon ki pa konfime sa ke yo sispèk ta fè komisyon an defavorab.

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Virginia says...

Jude Celestin se yon bebe lala, li panse pe`p Ayisyen apral lage peyi a nan men yon moun ki pa kapab jere te`t li ni froye'l. Se sa ki fe` g8 ave`k Moise jean charles ap roule misye nan farin nan. Jovenel prezidan bone` bone`rete gade pou nou

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Subject: Jude Celestin caught between Moise Jean charles, G8 and the New Commission edit

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