Official Results of Haiti Election delayed - Another delay

Our Haitian authorities suffer from a lack planning capability. This time, the official results of the run-off election that was scheduled to be announced this Saturday, will instead be announced on Monday.


What else is new in Haiti...

President-elect Michel Martelly is scheduled to go into office as the new president of Haiti on May 14. He is currently forming his government so that his team can start working on day one.

Is this going to be delayed as well.....

Martelly has a big task ahead of him and will soon face a challenging environment that includes a Senate and Chamber of Deputies controlled by RenePreval's INITE party.

I would not want to be in Michel Martelly's shoes.

Now it's reality my friend....


Will this be delayed as well?

Would the CEP or the actual government of Rene Preval find another excuse to delay the process as well?

On the other hand, will Michel Martelly have a smooth ride with the Haitian Senat or Chamber of Deputies?

What kind of relation will the executive and the legislative branches of the Haitian government will havem starting May 14.

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Marie Celestin says...



It is aboutr time we come out of this hole and build a country that can serve the people of

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Jasmin says...

Martelly needs to select people around him that are qualified.

The CEP needs to be reformed and be permanent.

The practice of selecting people who can favor a particular candidate in the election to be part of the CEP should be

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Joe C. says...

I just hope that this new government of Michel Martelly can change the the reputation of Haiti.

Not only we are suffering from health, poverty, unemployment.

We are also suffering from lack of qualified individuals capable of running anything in Haiti.


If you look closely, these people can not run their own

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Regina Laurent says...

The people in haiti need to understand that all these things like not being able to publish an election results on time, not being able to organize a credible election are proof that they can not run a country.

Until they can show they are competent to run the country, Haiti will always be dictated by the International community

All future haitian Presidents will be only popette

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Manno says...

The period of cooperation should start as soon as the new government of Michel Martelly gets into power.

The Haitian government has been fighting for ever. In the meantime, nothing gets done

It is about time that they start fighting and work together for one country.

L'Union fait La

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Subject: Official Results of Haiti Election delayed - Another delay edit

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