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Will we ever see the creation of a CEP under Michel Martelly

We have three members; we have now nine members. Wait a minute, we are back to three members. Should we create a Permanent, Temporary or a "Conjunctural" Electoral Council?

Members of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) decided on Friday to resume the process of appointing their 3 members of the Judiciary, to serve on the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP). This is following the controvercy on the way in which they nominated their previous members. Many members of the Haitian society, including political parties, members of the legislative branch, and others strongly condemned the process. Some even asked for the resignation of the president of the CSPJ, , whom they feel was appointed illegally into his position.

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This is it, Permanent Electoral Council finally created

It does not matter if you are upset with the decision. It does not matter if you want to start a protest movement. The reality is Permanent Electoral Council is a fact in Haiti. You might think it's illegal, a serious error, made up of illegitimate members, can only be subordinate to the Executive, will likely plunge the country into a crisis. That is beside the fact.

The inauguration of the first 6 members of the Permanent Electoral Council that were appointed recently took place one on August 21, 2012 by President Michel Martelly. Mr Josué Pierre-Louis was appointed President of the new CEP.

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Next Electoral Council in Haiti, will it be Permanent of Temporary?

The date is set for Wednesday, August 15, 2012. What will it be. Will Michel Martelly go without the the participation of the Legislative branch and form a Permanent Electoral Council to organize the next election in Haiti or will he become more conciliatory and agree to Temporary Council?

That is the $100,000.00 question.

The Government announced recently that if by August 15th, Haitian Legislators did not come up with their three representatives. they will be put on the sideline. The day is today.

We are now waiting for a decision.

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Jean Monestime appointed to Electoral College U.S. Presidential Election

The November 2012 presidential election in the United States is one of the most important events in world politics that could change and affect other countries greatly. For the upcoming election in the U.S., Jean Monestime was appointed to Electoral College.

The Electoral College requires the services of thousands of government officials and workers to ensure that the election will be done fair and right in choosing the next most powerful man in the world, which only happens every four years.

For Haitian-American Jean Monestime, working for the upcoming elections is a big obligation, and at the same time a huge privilege. Monestime, who is currently the Commissioner in Miami-Dade County's 2nd district, has been made a member of the Electoral College of the Florida Democratic Party. He is joined by 28 others in representing the state of Florida. The U.S. Electoral College is a set of selected individuals that represent a particular institution or organization in electing a candidate for a certain government office. The members are usually appointed just a few months before the actual elections.

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Solution to question Dodging in political debate

Politicians are experts at what is called the dodge.

If a debate moderator asks a question on a topic, the candidate starts to answer as if they are going to address it.

They begin with a generality, for instance, 'there are so many problems facing America today'. But then they thwart the question by going off-topic. The viewer doesn't notice the shift between the question asked and the answer given. This occurs because viewers' limited attention spans focus on trying to assess if they like the candidate or not.

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How to conduct a good Debate and win it

During election season, candidates often challenge each other to a series of debates.

This is a both a risk and a window of opportunity for them. If they succeed, their poll numbers go up, and if they fail, they may lose votes. With so much at stake, it's prudent to prepare for the debate, so as to raise the chances of winning. Here are some guidelines to prepare for one.

When you reach the podium, have written down on your notepad three items you want to emphasize during the debate. When the moderator asks a question, think if one of your items can be inserted as part of the answer.

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The CEP owes Haitian TV stations 9 million gourdes

The Provisional Electoral Council(CEP), has an "I owe You" that it does not want to honor.

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that 40 Haitian Television stations are asking the CEP for payment amounting to 9 million Haitian Gourdes. This is close to $250,000 that the CEP owes the media for services provided during the runoff election in Haiti.

Can somebody start a foreclosure procedure on the CEP?

What makes this even more interesting is that the Haitian electoral institution admitted that they in fact owe the money to the Television stations. The only problem is that it can not be deliver now. They also affirmed that the money will be delivered soon.

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List of CEP Members not allowed to leave the country

The "Haitian Joudalist" finally has the list.

What list are you talking about?

"Quesque ca cette affaire?"

We are talking about the list of the CEP member not allowed to travel until an investigation is completed.

The President of the Haitian Senat, Mr. Rodolphe Joazile, filed a complaint with the Procecutor office in Port-au-Prince, requesting that the following Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) Members be prohibited from leaving the country.

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Full Power of Haitian Diaspora to be felt in Haiti Next Election

Haitian Lawmakers voted to allow dual nationality to Haitians. This change in Haiti constitution gives opportunity to all Haitians to participate in the election of Haiti's president.

Do Haitians living abroad really know what just landed in their hands?

With this change in the Haitian constitution, the Haitian Diaspora has acquired huge power and likely to use this new power to help Haiti move to the new world.

Yes, Haitians living in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, France, etc.., you do have much more power now than you can possibly think of.

Do not come out with your Rara band and start celebrating yet.

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Provisional Electoral Commission(CEP) does miracle with legislative vote counts

Who said miracles could not happen in Haiti? If you think miracle is not possible in Haiti, you need to take a look at the last Legislative election in Haiti.

Do you want to know how the Provisional Electoral Commission(CEP) was able to pull a rabbit out of a hat during the last legislative vote counts?

Imagine that all votes counted and a preliminary result said that a candidate of the UNITE party came in third place with a total of 90,000 votes. Now imagine just a few days later, a recount of the same votes brought the same candidate from third place all the way to first place, with 145,000 votes. This is a gain of 55,000 votes.

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