RNDDH questions the morality of 34 candidates accepted by CEP

The candidates for the upcoming elections in do not know which entity to fear the most, the CEP or RNDDH. Following the decision of the CEP to publish the list of the candidates who have been accepted to run, the National Human Rights Defense Network, known as RNDDH, made another list that has sent shock waves throughout the entire process. The RNDDH has released the names of 34 candidates who have been accepted by the CEP but with major judicial issues.


RDNP lists four candidates running for the Senate and 31 for the Deputation have been involved in major crimes ranging from assassination to abuse of trust, violence and aggression, Kidnapping, stealing, illegal possession of firearm, corruption and rape.

The Human right organization also stated that some of these people have active mandate for their arrest by the Police. However, due to their connection, they are currently protected against all forms of arrest.

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Subject: RNDDH questions the morality of 34 candidates accepted by CEP edit

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