Who doesn't want Laurent lamothe in the Presidential race?

My children would often tell me" " dad, that is not fair" and I often respond to them that life was never fair, just deal with it. However, in the case of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, not only he's been crying that life is not fair since the BDED has rejected his candidacy for president, but he doesn't think that he can continue to live if the decision is not changed.


Lamothe and his team has mounted a well organized public campaign to sell his side of the story. Whether it is on Radio stations, at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Port-au-Prince , in the Haitian diaspora; Lamothe, Former Minister Michel Brunache are all over the airwave, crying "abuses and injustices"

New, after all is said and done, do you think there was injustice?

If a decision was made to keep Lamothe out why is that?

Who would likely be the mastermind in something like that?

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Incorruptible Dupeleo says...

The ignorant, the faux leaders, who do not want progress for the country.

The conservatives who care about themselves and their selfish allies.All the criminals, outlaws who believe they can do whatever they want any time they want it with no respect for others and the country

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Alex says...

How could you stop the only candidate, this is the only meaningful guy you have got in that race, you keep Lamothe out of that race, you'll end up with no

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Christophe Lalo says...

Michel Martelly is playing game with two sides.

On the side of Laurent Lamothe, he wants to show that he is still a friend.

We know that lamothe had invested lots of money into his election, so Martelly wants to show some level of gratitude.

On the other side, he has his wife, his brother in-law that he can not afford to start a fight with. So therefor, Martelly find himself between a rock and a hard place.

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Justin Mesamour says...

This is obvious.

The team of Sophia Martelly, her brother Kiko St remy and his business partner Sonson lafamilia.

Laurent lamothe has a long fight in front of him if he wants to stay in the race. Sonson lafamilia has money from his kidnapping business that he can tap into. also, the fact that Kiko St Remy and Sonson lafamilia know for a fact that Lamother will go after them if he become president, they will invest all their money to keep him

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