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Haiti's Business Leaders Providing Arms to Haitian National Police for Protection

WikiLeaks has revealed the collusion of the U.S., UN, and Haiti's richest business leaders in a plot to buy weaponry and bullets from arms dealers on the streets of Port-au-Prince. Informant and businessman Fritz Mevs implicated Reginald Boulos, Haitian Chamber of Commerce president, in the secret deal to buy and distribute weapons to the Haitian National Police (HNP).

The private sector has been frustrated and anxious about the port and other industrial sites in Port-au-Prince being unprotected from criminal activity. Mevs, concerned about the illegal purchase of arms, contacted James Foley, former U.S. Ambassador to Haiti to alert him to the situation. Mevs also asked the U.S. Embassy to develop a program for the legal sale of arms to the HNP.

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Oswan Brandt, One of the Richest families in Haiti

Haiti Elite Class

Oswals Brandt is one of the historical rich elite of Haiti. He traces his origin in Jamaica. He was born in Trelawny, a parish in Cornwall County in northwest Jamaica.

Born on October 20, 1890, Oswals Brandt is son to John William Brandt and Esther Mathilda Becker.

He got married to a woman by the name Therese Barthe who bore him six children.

Oswald Brandt has great importance in Haitian history. His and others like; Madsen, Lacombe, Gardere, Mevs and Bigio have remained to be the richest families in Haiti.

He was an enabling factor in the establishment of several things in Haiti. It is believed that the rich of his days worked together with the US government to bring a revolution in Haiti.

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Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti (BRANA): The Maker Of Haiti's Native Beer

When talking about breweries in Haiti, Brasserie National D'Haiti (BRANA) would surely come up. Why? Because it is the leading brewery and bottler, as well as the number one Caribbean beer producer in the country. Michael Madsen, a Haitian whose family was considered one of the richest clans that time, established BRANA in 1973. His family came to Haiti from Denmark in the latter years of the 19th century. For almost 40 years, BRANA has also been managing the production and distribution of PepsiCo International products in Haiti. It covers popular soft drink brands, including 7up, Pepsi, and Teem.

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Private Security Companies grow in Haiti since 2010 Earthquake

The earthquake of 2010 has left most of Haiti in ruins. But as the years went by, the country that has once been shattered by natural disasters and political turmoil seems to be recovering and developing its economic, political, and social sectors. In a very recent report, the industry of private security has become a booming trend in the country as the number of companies who provide such service continues to dramatically increase since 2010.

The number of private security firms has been rapidly developing at a rate of about eight percent per year. Currently, these firms are totaled to be at about 41 and comprise of 12,000 guards that ensure the safety of several institutions and individuals in the Haiti. What is the reason behind this sudden trend? The 2010 earthquake which left the country on its knees provided an increase in international relations where international biggies such as the United Nations needed to hire thousands more of personnel to ensure the success of their peacekeeping mission in Haiti. In addition, the ongoing political conflicts and economic inequality apparent in the nation has made wealthy individuals and families paranoid to the possibility of theft and kidnapping, thus hiring private guards for their safety.

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New Video raising the race factor in Haiti 2010 Election

We just received a videotape raising the issue of race in the Haiti 2010 Presidential election. The main question, according to Mr. Wilner Nau who produced this videotape was:
How can we Haitian, with over 90% of the population being of African descent, elect a White Man in 2010? Mr. Nau further stated that Haiti is the first Black independent nation in the Caribbean. Over 100,000 Haitians were killed to put the white people out of the country. For a country that killed White people to get its independence, Mr. Nau would like to know what to say the next time a Jamaican, people from Trinidad and Tobago, or anyone who is working with him asks him the question: "What's up with your White President"

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