The trial of the Century In Haiti, Clifford Brandt and his accomplices

Clifford Brandt, businessman and entrepreneur, is being brought to justice as the lead defendant of accomplices involved in an abduction network. The network has been targeting victims of kidnapping for many years.


The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police arrested him back in October 2012, after he abducted two youths. The kidnapping laid bare a network of abductors participating in abductions going back several years. Brandt, along with 12 of his co-conspirators will be tried in a criminal court proceeding before a judge.

Judge Me Gabrielle Dominique filed an ordinance specifying charges against 19 defendants including Brandt. Brandt is being indicted on charges of kidnapping, sequestration of people against ransom, criminal conspiracy, false death threats, possession of illegal firearms, and money laundering.

Of the 19 accused, 12 have been arrested and are facing charges of kidnapping, holding victims for ransom, and possessing illegal weapons. They are Rico Pierre-Val, Edison Forgue, Berthony Dumézil, Marc-Arthur Phébé, Gérald Fontélus, Oneste Gabélus, Jacques Darly Michelais, Fritz Aristide, Franck Sintérine, Evince Larrieux, and Carline Richema. Some of them have interesting aliases, for example, Jean-Marc Mira is also known as 14 and Elissoit Charles, also known as 1.

One of seven missing, Edner Comé, a police inspector in the Haitian National Police, is being actively pursued, considered armed and dangerous. Other missing defendants include Jean Bernard, Jean-Marc Mira, Elissoit Charles, Jeff, Emerson Mirand, and Fadner Novalus.

The 12 apprehended are incarcerated in the National Penitentiary awaiting trial while the Government Commissioner prepares the prosecution's case.

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