Little Haiti subject to Gentrification due to sea-level rise

How many people thought that the problem of gentrification currently faced by the residents of Little Haiti has anything to do with climate change and sea level rise in Miami? Probably, not too many. This is the reality my friend, Little Haiti is a prime land in Miami because it has higher elevation and thus less prone to long-term effect of sea-level-rise. And as a consequence, developers are buying up land in areas such as Little Haiti like crazy. As sea levels continue to rise, investors in Miami are buying up land with higher elevation, often displacing low-income residents


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Haitian Kreyol:

Ti Ayiti sijè a jantrifikasyon akòz nivo lanmè ki ape monte

Konbyen moun ki te panse ke pwoblèm jantrifikasyon ke kounye a rezidan nan Ti Ayiti nan Miyami gen anyen pou ouè ak chanjman klima ak nivo lanmè kape ogmantasyon nan Miami? Pwobableman, pa twò anpil. Sa a se reyalite a zanmi m ', Ti Ayiti se yon Vil impotan nan Konte Miami paske li gen pi wo elevasyon e konsa mwens tandans pou efè nivo lanmè ki ape vini pi ho. Epi kòm yon konsekans, devlopè ap achte kay nan Ti Ayiti tankou pate cho, souvan deplase rezidan ki gen revni fèb.

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Little Haiti subject to Gentrification due to sea-level rise edit

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