Politic as usual for Haitian government while population under water

Nominated to become Prime Minister of Haiti since last Friday, economist Fritz-Alphonse Jean is having the fight of his life as he is looking for confirmation and a vote of confidence in front in of the Parliament. The main problem for Fritz Jean is that the groups that currently supports him in both don't old majority and his only chance to receive the votes that he needs is to negotiate or to enter into the game of give and take. Also it is important to say that at this time the main players are the various blocks openly of secretly supporting the political party of former President Michel Martelly, PHTK and the various factions of the Lavalas. In term of negotiation, things like bags of rice, ministerial positions and even money have been offered, in some instances taken in order to either support the candidacy of Fritz Jean for Prime minister or in the case of the opposition, to influence the votes of members of the parliaments to vote against the nomination.


In the meantime, several homes in Cap-Haitian and other regions have been flooded with water and there is no current responsible government to come to their rescue. The entire government of Prime Minister Evans Paul has decided not to work with the current President and left as a block the past Friday to join the opposition. The new Prime Minister elected, Fritz Jean, has not yet the authority to govern properly.

Isn't it interesting?

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Politik kòm dabitid pou gouvènman Ayisyen an pandan ke popilasyon an anba dlo

Pandan ke Premye Minis, ekonomis Fritz-Alphonse Jean, te nomine depi Vandredi dènye, batay kontinye pou li chèche konfimasyon ak vòt konfyans nan devan Palman an. Pwoblèm prensipal pou Fritz Jean se ke gwoup yo ki sipòte li kounye pa fè majorite nan cham yo. Sel chans pou li resevwa vòt sa yo li bezwen an se negosye oswa antre nan jwèt nan bay ak pran. Epitou li enpòtan pou di ke nan moman sa a jwè prensipal yo se divès kalite blòk ouvètman ou an kachèt ki ape sipòte pati politik ansyen Prezidan Michel Martelly, PHTK ak divès kalite faksyon nan Lavalas la. Nan tèm negosyasyon, bagay tankou sak diri, pozisyon ministeryèl e menm lajan te swa ofri, nan kèk ka pran, pou sipòte kandidati Fritz Jean pou Premye minis oswa nan ka opozisyon an, pou enfliyanse vòt yo kont nominasyon an.

Nan entre-temps, plizyè kay nan rejyon Cap ayisyen ak lòt zon te kontinye inonde ak dlo epi pa gen okenn gouvènman aktyèl responsab pou vini nan sekou yo. Tout Gouvènman Premye Minis Evans Paul tout antye te deside pou pa travay avèk Prezidan aktyèl la, epi yo kite kòm yon blòk depi Vandredi pou yo rantre nan opozisyon. Nouvo Premye Minis eli an, Fritz Jean, pa gen ankò otorite pou li gouvène.

Sa se Ayiti!

Kisa ou panse?

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Mona Sanon says...

Jocelerme Privert is doing what the Haitian politicians want him to do which is to share the wealth.

So far, he has named several individuals in key positions with the objective that everyone will be happy with him:

Daly Valet in charge of National Dialogue, Jean Max Bellerive named Chief of Staff, Raymond Jeanty appointed as director of the National Palace, Jean-Marie Chérestal named advisor, Joanas Gué, Harry Adam, Senator Kelly C. Bastien and Jean David Génesté all namd advisers

It seems to me that Jocelerme Privert has sold the house.

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James Sanon says...

the opportunity one has once you become either a Senator, deputy or President in Haiti is out of this world.

No other things can allow you to get rich as quickly as being one of them. No wonder why Haitians make all kind of sacrifices in order to reach there.

Some take loans, some sell drugs are involved in kidnapping just to become an authority in Haiti.

Once you are a senator or deputy, you have the opportunity to sell your votes, provide jobs and opportunities for friends and families.

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Papa Lolo says...

All the present signs would tell you that there is no chance whatsoever for Fritz Jean to become Prime Minister..

Just listen to all these Senators and Deputies.

However, according to the latest conversation with President Privert, he has great confidence on his man. He has some guarantee that he will be able to pull his Prime Minister Fritz jean above everything.

I will not say much about this. However, if of all the things that I have heard, Privert can still his friend to become Prime Minister, he will be qualified to be the right man to run Haiti for the next five years.

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Jack Leblanc says...

This is the answer you usually get when dealing with a government that is not responsible.

It has always been the case in Haiti where government come into power to serve themselves.

The current flooding problem in Cap-Haitian doesn't have priority at this time. the only thing that is important at this time is what they can get from the current

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