Ayiti Manje Lokal - Let's promote Local Production

Here is a video I found and wanted to share with you. In brief this video is being promoted by Harry Nicolas, AKA: Met Fey Vet. The video shows the various food items produced locally in Haiti that we can consume without the necessity to import from the Dominican republic or the US.


Mo Chè, pou-m di ou vrèman, Lè k map gade mage sa yo, Bouch mwen kole dlow"

Now do you remember Harry Nicolas. He is the Haitian nationalist who successfully organized the "Kita Nago". He helped organized the walk of unity. He is the same person who has been promoting this concept. "Ayiti Manje Lokal"

"Ayisyen, Ase mange Konflex Na Bwat, manje pito yon bon Mayi Ak Aransor les Matin"

Just look at some of the many benefits for consuming local food
- Better health
- Job creation
- Less Reliance on foreign products.
- Less humiliation from the Dominicans
- Chock the Dominican economy (an added benefits for some)

Ayiti Manje Lokal - Se Manje Sante Spot

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Kaoukaw says...

Merci Roland,
Just les voir, fait toute une differance.

On peut les

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Jean W Derolus says...

Haitians let us all together say" CONSOMONS

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