Haitian Street Food or Chin Janbe, it's quite an experience

If you have been to Haiti but never eat in the street, you have not discovered Haiti yet. What I mean is that you go over to a Street food vandor, also called Chin Janbe, and you get yourself a a nice plate of food. Being able to be in Haiti and have the freedom to explore Haiti's street food scene is priceless. Discover favorite local dishes like Pwason (fish), Dire Kole ak Pwa (rice and red beans), and Sos Kreyol (creole sauce). How about a nice Griot with Pikliz. I don't know what it is; however, these food cooked in the street usually taste a lot better than what I eat at home.


The word 'Street Food' (or Chin Janbe in Creole) means ready to eat food or drink sold in a street which are cheaper on average than restaurant meals. Once you walk in the streets of Port-au-Prince, you will notice the catacombs of food stalls on almost every street corner. The main characteristic of Haitian street food is, they are prepared with very simple ingredients, but the taste is made to every heart's content. Haitian street foods are more about traditional Haitian dishes than usual rice and beans, although they are really good. One of the most common food items on the street is 'paté', a deep fried savory pastry, flour crust stuffed with sausage, chicken or egg omelets. Haitian cuisine consists of several cooking traditions drawn from the French, African, Spanish, Taíno natives and Middle Eastern Arab descendants. Some of the Haitian street food delicacies are: Griot (deep-fried beef or pork), Haitian Chicken in Sauce, Soup Joumou (Pumpkin Soup), or Sos Pwa Rouj (Red bean soup), served over white Jasmine rice with Haitian stewed chicken. Discovery of Haiti is never completed without eating its street food.

VIDEO OF: Haitian Street Food, AKA Chin Janbe

Some advise, you may get sick from eating some street food in Haiti, but you can't worry about that. If that happen, there are usually some local medicines that work wonder.

have you ever experienced a Chin Janbe in Haiti?

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Danny X says...

Yes the street food in Haiti is delicious.

I remember 10 years ago when I first got introduced to it by the Toussaint L'ouverture Airport there was an American Airline pilot waiting in line of a street vendor because her food smelled and tasted so good the best diri kole I have ever had hands

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Subject: Haitian Street Food or Chin Janbe, it's quite an experience edit

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