Bahon, A Fine Destination In Haiti

Bahon is a town located in the Nord Department of Haiti in the Grande-Rivière-du-Nord Arrondissement and on the popular river named Grand Rivière du Nord. It was located formerly on the rail road towards the south of Cap Haitien in the year 1915.


Places To Access From Bohan

Around 17,000 people inhabit this place as per estimates. It is located at an elevation of 171 meters above the level of the sea. To the northwest of Bahon is located, Cap Haitien at a distance of 21 miles. Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti is located at 66 miles away to the south of Bahon.

To the west is located Goinaves, at a distance of 37 miles. Shores of the vast Atlantic Ocean are located to the north of Bahon at a distance of 17 miles.

Transportation And Weather

Bahon does not have any airport. The closest airport to rely upon is Cap Haitein International Airport. Road transport is available via the rail road that passes to Cap Haitien from Bohan, however this is not yet operational. Gonaives and Cap Haitien are the two ports that are very close to Bohan.

Tropical climate is experienced by the region. Temperatures in Bohan oscillate between 24 degree C and 30 degree C. All through the year, it is pretty warm in Bohan.

Religion And Food

Many Catholics inhabit this place. Spiritual needs of the Catholic residents are served by the St. Joseph Parish. The Catholic Church's volunteers are run the medical clinics thus contributing to healthcare and educational needs of the people residing in Bahon.

Besides these a few Salvation Army die hards and Baptist followers also reside in the region. A dish made from cashew nuts and chicken in the region called 'poul ak nwa' is a delicacy here which has its origins from the north of the country.

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