Stop Imports of Fecal-laced Salami from Dominican Republic, Deputy Fritz Chery, Gros Morne

Concerns are mounting that salami imported from the Dominican Republic (DR) is tainted with unhealthy levels of fecal matter. Deputy Fritz Chery has urged Minister of Commerce and Minister of Health and Population to ban importation of salami from the Dominican Republic.


Chery became alarmed after reading in the DR Listin Diario the Dominican Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (DIPCR) discovered 51% of 258 salami samples revealed fecal coliform at unacceptable levels.

Chery's belief is that dangerously high levels of fecal matter risks developing cancer in consumers, who ingest the contaminated meat. From a lay-person's perspective, with no training in microbiology, it's not necessarily the fecal matter itself, which may cause cancer, but the occurrence of sodium nitrate, a known carcinogen. Very high levels of fecal particulate may turn into a deadly form of ecoli, an intestinal illness, but not lead to cancer.

Is 12% sodium nitrate found within 15% fecal particulate enough to cause cancer? The DIPCR is listing its statistics in a way that creates confusion. It states that ". . . 97% of a sample of salami had . . . high levels of sodium nitrate and stool colirom." Yet in the statistical breakdown of fecal coliform ". . . 51% of the samples were above acceptable limits." Either way it doesn't sound good. A DR salami wholesaler gave a lame rebuttal in Listin Diario, claiming the salami has been certified by local and international certifying agencies. But how about naming them to authenticate your position?

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Subject: Stop Imports of Fecal-laced Salami from Dominican Republic, Deputy Fritz Chery, Gros Morne edit

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