Third People Canteen Provides a Hot-Lunch Meal for Kids

President Michel Martelly, as part of his ambitious agenda to engage all sectors of the Haitian population, inaugurated the People Canteen Tet Kale in Créole in Carrefour on July 27, 2012. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Ronsard St-Cyr joined Martelly. Together they were there to initiate a dialogue of goodwill with the community and demonstrate their commitment to improve the quality of life for the underserved population.


At the People Canteen, located on 4th Avenue Bolosse, President Martelly and Minister St-Cyr stood behind the line and served nutritious meals to school-age children. Then they joined the children at tables and chatted with them about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Later Martelly and St-Cyr handed out soccer balls to screaming and excited children, who asked Martelly if he would play with them. Martelly replied he would do something even better, he would show them a few soccer-ball tricks.

The People Canteen in Carrefour is the third cafeteria to be opened in Port-au-Prince. Peguy-Ville and Bel-Air were the first two in Martelly's hot-lunch meal program, paid for out of the government's general fund.

The People Canteen on 4th Avenue Bolosse prepares approximately 500 hot meals each day for the children of Carrefour, many of whose families barely survive on subsistence incomes. Martelly wants to expand the hot-lunch meal program beyond the metropolitan district of Port-au-Prince, and is making it one of his top priorities in next year's budget.

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