Vernand Morency, American football player with Haitian roots

Vernand Morency is a famous former American Footballer who used to play as running back in National Football League. He was born on February 4 in 1990 in Miami Florida. His parents were Haitian natives.


Morency's childhood was quite disciplined as he started working as early as five years of age in their family business of real estate. This made him strong both physically and mentally and resulted to his success in his baseball and football career.

Vernand Morency won the honors of All-America in both baseball and football. He was a letterman in both the sports during his days in Northwestern High School in Miami.

He played baseball for four years as centre fielder in a minor league before registering at Oklahoma State in 2002.

Vernand Morency went to Oklahoma State University and played as an offensive footballer there. He was awarded the Thurman Thomas Award for his outstanding performance as offensive player in 2004 season. He was signed by the Houston Texans in the third round of the National Football League in 2005 season. Just after one week of the following season of National Football League he had been traded to Green Bay Packers. He was re-signed for one year contracts with Packers in April, 2008. However, just after four months he was released from the team.

Though he was quite famous as footballer and baseball player, his attraction for family real estate business never went away. He is successfully running his own real estate business. Vernand Morency owns and manages quite a few numbers of properties across the country. He also showed his interest in non profitable initiatives.

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Blady says...

what extraordinary accomplishments in his professional sports careers.

the true achievements and reason I am so proud of this man are his non profit initiatives and living his dream as a multifamily housing executive.

Its an honor and a priveleage to know him and work with him. I am so proud to be his coworker and friend.

Amazing dedication focus and sacrifice.

His integrity is unparalelled and his content of character unmatched.


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