Richard Morse: I left the Government because of corruption and infrastructure sabotage

A major Canadian Daily newspaper and online publisher,, has reported that a powerful ally of the Haitian government made damaging allegation about the government. The lead singer of the popular music band RAM and the owner of the historic hotel in port-au-Prince Hotel Oloffson, Richard Morse, told the newspaper that he left the government because of corruption and infrastructure sabotage.


According to, Richard Morse stated: " I saw proof of workers filling drainage canals just before the rainy season, which resulted in flooding. He also said: "If you are creating disasters, it can only be for aid money," . In addition, he stated that he has seen evidence of "fake cheques, people getting paid who no longer worked there."

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The Haitian government has recently declared war on corruption. Recently, Transparency International ranked Haiti 165 out of 176 countries for the perception of corruption.

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Subject: Richard Morse: I left the Government because of corruption and infrastructure sabotage edit

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