Haitian Government, the Biggest Obstacles for Economic Growth

A country's economic growth is dependent on two factors namely, 'Entrepreneurship' and 'Government'. While the two are not really exclusive mutually, the two can lead to sustainable economic growth. Either the government must undertake the economic development or it must provide assistance to the private sector entrepreneurs to carry out certain developmental works in an environment that is targeted towards the welfare of the economy as a whole. When this happens, any economy shows rapid and sustained growth. For Haiti however, the situation was and is different.


The biggest obstacle for Haitian economic growth is the political system of the country. For years, the country was under military rule and dictatorship. However, after the end of dictatorship when the country selected the party led by Jean-Bertrand Aristide through its first free election, the people of Haiti felt a sense of relief that wasn't long lasting. The government turned out to be more like a dictator with government officials getting involved in trafficking of drug. The leaders of the government called themselves as the 'Anti-Liberals'.

The political power of Haiti used the monopolies of the government for their personal vested interest and intimidated business men to ensure that their personal interests are fulfilled. As a result of this political turmoil, the chances of Haitian economic growth were blown off the roof. Sharp decline in GDP, galloping increase in inflation and bottlenecked investments severely crippled the country's already plagued economy. Unless political corruption stops infesting the country, the fate and state of Haitian people will not improve.

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