Edo Zenny and Joseph Lambert accused in network of drug trafficking and kidnapping

There has been serious accusations brought to two very important, powerful and close friends and associates of President Michel Martelly. Sherlson Sanon, a child soldier an admitted former criminal, made damning testimony on the role of Senator Edo Zenny and former Senator Joseph Lambert, in a network of murder, kidnaping and drug trafficking with members of the gang "Base Kakos"


Sherlson Sanon revealed in a testimoy made at RNDDH on March 12, 2013 that former Senator and current Presidential advisor Joseph Lambert, current Senator Edwin Zenny and Government Commissionerof Croix-des-Bouquets, Me Leny Thélusma all have been been involved in

Highlight of the most serious revelations by Sherlson Sanon:

- ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT engaged Sherlson Sanon in the transportation of shipments of drugs and firearms.

- In 1999, per order of former Senator Joseph Lambert, Sherlson Sanon killed Celine Moulier and her father Fernand Moulier.

- Gang member Kern Desamour was responsible for the drugs of former senator Joseph Lambert.

- On October 30, 2006, Sherlson Sanon executed Kern Desamour

- Committed election fraud in favor of Kenel Charles, Deputy of Cayes-Jacmel

- November 17, 2012 Kakos gang kidnapped of Jorym Sam Etienne...

As a note to the readers, these accusations are very serious and should not be considered as facts until proved by court. They are only allegation made by Sherlson Sanon, a child soldier an admitted former criminal of gang KAKOS

Former Senator Joseph Lambert currently has a criminal complaint filed against him by Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Saurel Jacinthe.

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Subject: Edo Zenny and Joseph Lambert accused in network of drug trafficking and kidnapping edit

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