Little Haiti Boy(14) committed suicide after killing older brother(16) over clothes

I guess that young children do not resolve conflicts the way they use to. I just remember when I was a young boy, I would fight with my sibling and my friends with my bear hands. Some time I would be the victime; but a lot of time, ending up with bloody noze, etc. and in e few days, we will be friends all over again. I woud never once think about usig knive or even worst a gun to destroy the other person's life.


I think kids now are more pragmatic. If there is a problem, why not solve it for ever? The same way they spend lots of time killing the opponents in video games they play frequently.

Back home, when I was growing up, I did not have video games, I did not have a computer; even a television was hard to get by. How couldn't I even think about using a gun? I basically had nothing.

However, observing the way children are growing up to day , I still love much better the way I grew up then what I see now.

Parol Pale Parol Kompran

Mezanmi, nou pa tande? Nan Ti Ayiti nan Mayami, yon jenn ti gacon de 14 ans touye gran frè li ki te gin 16 ans.
Pouki sa nou panse?

Stephen Odeus, 14, tire gran frè li Stanley Blanc, 16
paseke li pa vle frè sa mete rad li. Sa ki pi red la, apre Stephen Odeus fini tire frè sa, li vire zam la sou li epi li tire tet li to

Mwin ta rinmin konnin ki moun ki prale mete rad sa konyè a?

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Julio De Castro says...

This is a tragedy! I do feel bad that the two are Haitians

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Ricclavie says...

Yon tragedie ki trist e regretab...

Nou prezante kondoleans ak simpati a fanmi, e kominote Little Haiti a. Nou kapab ede #nosjeunes: pè, pastè, ak lot personalité moral nan kominoté a dwé fè deplasman pou rankontre #nosjeunes nan lekol, plas publik, libreri, etc...

pou pale ak yo, fè yo konpran dwa sivik e moral yo an minm tan ba yo bible

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Jules says...

Mwen panse ke monde sa se fini li pral fini paske sa telman bel le deux frères ap vivre en harmonie
Yo pa nan bagay pa
Mais je pense que le petit Odeus a fait cela par manque de maturité
il ne connaît pas l'importance de la famille
Il sera pardonné pour cela s'il avoue son

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Subject: Little Haiti Boy(14) committed suicide after killing older brother(16) over clothes edit

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