Major Jamaican gun-for-drug smuggler killed in Haiti

Jamaican officials reported that a major Jamaican suspect in a guns-for-drugs smuggling network between Haiti and Jamaica has been was killed last Friday in a confrontation with Haitian Police. The actual name of the suspect is unknown; he only goes by the alias name of "Mention".


The beautiful Haitian island of Ile-a-Vache is not only reputable for its beauty and touristic opportunities. It appears that the island is also known for its guns-for-drugs trade, also called guns-for-ganja trade. Ile-a-Vache has been identified by Jamaican police as a key location for guns-for-drugs trade operates between Jamaica and Haiti also known as guns-for-ganja trade.

What do you know about the guns-for-drugs also known as guns-for-ganja trade in Ile-a-Vache?

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Subject: Major Jamaican gun-for-drug smuggler killed in Haiti edit

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