Thieves on Motorcycle in Haiti robbed Church members at gunpoint

Two members of Eglise Assemblee Evangelique de Christ were robbed at gunpoint in Haiti. The thieves got away with an estimated of $11,000 of church funds from two victims. One church member was robbed of about $6,000 and another $5,000. According to the pastor of Eglise Assemblee Evangelique de Christ, Dumont Pierre, they were in Haiti, to provide food to several families.


Pastor Dumont Pierre stated that the two members were ambushed and robbed at gunpoint in Haiti of $11,000 of church funds. The stolen fund was raised by the church for the purpose of rebuilding another church in Haiti that was destroyed from the 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 100,000 top 160,000 people, and feed children.

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Harry says...

Hi sir, I appreciate the good work your doing in the community.

I think it's vitals and keep us in touch of what's going on back home, however can you please stop spreading the negatives news about Haiti because it affect us all in one or another.

In reading those news one would say or think that Haiti is not a place they would want visit.

I have been to Haiti 3 times my wife have been there more than 10 times in leas than 3 years, we have nothing but positive vibes about Haiti.

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Subject: Thieves on Motorcycle in Haiti robbed Church members at gunpoint edit

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