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There will be no Election without Laurent Lamothe

At least, this has been the slogan on the camp of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe who has decided to challenge the decision of the BCED to keep him from running for President of Haiti. According to the former Prime Minister, some other candidates in the same situation got their OK, why him. The decision of the electoral judges to block him is "Political.

For the first time, Lamothe is showing his ability to fight. He has decided to go full force to gain the right to participate in the next presidential election. In a news conference, he stated that he wants to show the arbitrary nature of the electoral council.

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Anthony Mathieu Cherubin dismissed from the CEP

The public has been informed that Mr. Anthony Mathieu Chérubin is no longer a member of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). This decision was made following an investigation that revealed several serious administrative mistakes on the part of Anthony Mathieu Chérubin. He was the Director of the Legal Affairs Section of the Provisional Electoral Council.

It is important to note that the Legal Affairs Department which Mr. Chérubin was fired from has a major responsibility and power in determining which candidates will be allowed to run in the next election at every level. Although much was not revealed as to the exact reasons for putting him at the door, you can not stop wondering if corruption was the basis for his dismissal.

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Lamothe's attorney, Salim Succar plans to appeal judges' decision

The rejection of the candidacy of Laurent Lamothe for President will not be taken as a "Fait Accompli". His attorney Salim Succar plans to challenge that decision taken by Haiti electoral council every step of the way.

As you may recall, Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is among the three individuals who were disqualified by electoral judges. Beside Lamothe, the electoral judges did not accept the candidacy of Anthony Bennett and Antoine Joseph. The Former Prime Minister's team has 72 hours to challenge the judges' recommendations.


Kandidati Laurent Lamothe pran "Kanet". Avoka li Salim Succar bay defi ke desizyon konsèy elektoral Ayiti-a pran pap kampe Lamothe nan wout li. Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe nan mitan twa moun ki te diskalifye pa jij elektoral. San konte Lamothe, jij elektoral yo pa t 'resevwa kandidati Anthony Bennett ak Antoine Joseph . Ekip Ansyen Premye Minis la a gen 72 èdtan pou pote plint kont rekòmandasyon jij yo

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Laurent Lamothe candidacy rejected, Premye Minis Pran Kanet

It has been reported that the Bureau du Contentieux Électoral Départemental (BCED) de l'Ouest has decided not to accept the candidacy of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. This information was made public by several radio stations in the Haitian capital. The former Prime Minister found himself among as many as more than 20 candidates for the presidential election who are reported to be disqualified for various reasons

Yon Radyo di ke Biwo kontansyeu Elektoral départemental (BCED) de l' Ouest deside pa aksepte kandidati Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe . Dapre sous la, Ansyen Premye la ta pran "Kane". Li nan mitan anpil plis pase 20 kandida ki dwe diskalifye pou plizyè rezon

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Don Kato Registered His Candidacy for Senator under the Verite Banner

Once, President Michel Martelly with his anti-establishment voice made himself one of the country's most sought after musicians; he raised his voice against every government throughout his music career. However, during the second year of his Presidency in 2013, he was accused by some musicians like Don Kato from the band 'Brothers Posse'. Kato complained their group was not invited to perform at the Mardi Gras Carnival because some of their songs attack Martelly's administration.

In response, the President had said, there is no doubt that music has definite power to overthrow a government, but he is not bothered at all by the music of 'Brothers Posse', even at the slightest. A carnival is a party, not a platform to stage street protest. No artist has an inborn right to perform during a particular celebration. Selecting a group to perform was an administrative decision of an appointed committee.

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Duly Brutus Handed Resignation To Run For President Of Haiti

Duly Brutus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has handed his letter of resignation to the Prime Minister Evans Paul, as he has decided to contest as a candidate for the Presidency in the forthcoming elections of 25 October, 2015.

Minister Brutus, recently in the last month (March 2015), had successfully led the resumption of the Joint Bilateral Commission (CMB) with the Dominican Republic to address issues of vital importance, such as, the strengthening of diplomatic relations and the development of relations between the two neighboring countries on matters relating to security, agriculture, investments and migration. He replaced his predecessor Pierre Richard Casimir on April 3, 2014. From the day of his appointment as the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has emphasized on the role of interdependence of states in a globalized world and the need of foreign capital in Haiti.

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First lady Sophia Martelly wants to be Senator of West

First lady Sophia Martelly thinks she can take the heat in running for an elected seat in Haiti. She will be a candidate to become Senator of the west Department which is considered to be one of the most crowded seats in the up coming election.

She filed the required documents with the CEP to become a candidate in the Aug. 9 election. This decision also put an end to the rumors that she would be running for president to replace her husband.

First lady Sophia Martelly will likely welcome all the helps she could get, especially from the team that helped her husband to be elected as president. However, the first lady has not demonstrated an ability to get a crowd going and support her

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CEP to make a fortune during the registration of candidates for Haiti Election

While the Haitian population is alarmed over the number of Political Parties already registered for the 2015 election in Haiti and the number of actual candidates likely to register at different level, the CEP is probably saying one thing: We are open for business and whoever is interested in running for something in Haiti, this is the time and we are an equal opportunity CEP who do not discriminate regardless of your race, your political affiliation, your income level or origin and your national origin.

I am not sure of the actual amount it requires to register to become a candidate at various level; however, one thing I was told is that this is not cheap. I am not certain, but doesn't it cost $500,000 Haitian gourdes to register to run as president? Running for the Senate and as a Deputy is a little cheaper, but not that much. We are looking at anywhere from 300 to 600 candidates.

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Should Michel Martelly sign a Decree to Discharge his friend Lamothe?

Haitian President Michel Martelly found himself once again between a Rock and a Hard Place with the election issue. All eyes are now looking at him as the time for the candidates interested in running for various elected posts are around the corner.

Before the deadline for the candidates to register arrives, President Michel Martelly must make the decision on whether to issue that Decree to allow friends such as Former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Jean Max Bellerive to run for president.

Currently, the only way for the former Prime Ministers as well as a long list of former Senators, Deputies and other who have managed public funds to be qualified to run in the next election is to receive a Discharge. The Parliament that is required to issue such Discharge does not exist. The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes does not issue discharges; however they recently issue a report that would make a potential decision by the President to issue that Decree ten time harder. The report found several actions conducted during the administration of both Bellerive and Lamothe as "Irregular".

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Laurent Lamothe said he has no plans to run for President of Haiti

It seems to me the only person who doesn't know that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is going to run in the next election in Haiti is Laurent Lamothe himself.

While everyone else is working hard to make it difficult for the former Prime Minister to become a candidate. In an interview with The Tennessean, Lamothe once again stated that he has no plans to run for President of Haiti.

Former Prime Ministers Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe are currently seeking discharges. However, Haiti Audit Court released a report recently that is not favorable to these two. It cites serious irregularities in 2013-14 during their government.

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