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105 out of 192 Political parties approved by CEP

Here you have it folks. The political landscape in Haiti has gotten less crowded since yesterday. After more than 24 yours over the time scheduled to publish the results of the Political parties to be accepted to compete in the next election, the moment has arrived. The CEP announced that 87 political parties are out, or that is until they can prove their case to be part of the next election, and they have until this Friday to do that.

Mr. Nehemie Joseph was the CEP member with the privilege to make the announcement which came in late on Wednesday night.

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MOPOD made 180 degree turn as it registered for the next election

This is another sign to show that Haitian politicians should never be trusted. MOPOD has made the turn that many thought would be impossible based on their previous stands, they have registered on the last day given to political parties to participate in the next election.

The opposition has finally exploded. No more protest, no more slogan "VlePa Vle Fok lale", no more "Eleksyon ou Demisyon"


MOPOD fè yon vire espekta de 180 degree le li anrejistre pou eleksyon kap vini an jodiya. Sa a se yon lòt siy yo ki montre ke nou pa dwe janm fè politisyen ayisyen konfyans.

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Haitian Diaspora excluded for the 2015 Haiti Election

Contrary to the wishes of many in the Haitian Diaspora all over the world, they will be on the side line as far as the next Haitian Election scheduled for 2015 is concerned. The new Electoral Decree did not make any provision for their involvement.

In an interview given to Mr. Valery Numa on March 12, the President of the actual CEP, Mr. Pierre Louis Opont did not hesitate to say that the Haitian Diaspora will not participate.

In the meantime, The Diaspora will continue to finance almost everything in Haiti, from education to funeral and everything else.

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Haiti Election dates, August 9 Senate, October 25 for Deputies and President

The CEP has announced the various dates on Thursday for the long overdue legislative and municipal elections. A date is set as well for the presidential vote. They also revealed the Electoral Timetable as well at the Hotel Karibe Convention Center.

Here are the important dates to remember:

June 19, 2015, Start of the electoral campaign

March 16, 2015, Reopening of the Political Parties Registration :

Monday, April 6, Partial Legislative Elections : (20 Senators and 118 deputies)

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