Cervical cancer and breast cancer are leading killers of Haitian women

According to Dr. Jean Ronald Cornelly Director of Oncology Program at the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Haiti cancer is a major health problem in Haiti. Women between the ages of 40 and 50 years have a bigger chance of dying from either cervical cancer and breast cancer than anything else.



Eske nou konnin plis fanm mou ak Kanser ke tout lot bagay an Ayiti. Anpil fanm Ayisyen ki mouri, se pa Djab ki pran yo, se souvan yon kanser ki fini ak moun sa yo.

On 4th February, 2015, Dr. Jean Ronald Cornelly, the Director of Oncology Program at the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has said that cancer, like globally, is a serious health threat in Haiti that needs immediate attention. Most of the cancer cases in women are cervical and breast cancers and commonly, it becomes life threatening between 40 and 50 years of age. Dr. Jean Cornelly while addressing on the World Cancer Day, has reminded that with cancer, Haiti has one of the highest incidence and mortality rate in the world, because we are not well equipped to diagnose the disease at the early stage and neither have we had structured program nor good treatment for the malady. He cited one recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO) which suggests that as per regional statistics on the Latin American and Caribbean zone, Haiti has the highest incidence of this deadly disease. Out of 100,000 cases, 93.2 women suffer from cervical cancer and of that, 53.2 women dies from it. Dr Vincent De Gennaro, the Head of Internal Medicine for the project Medishare, has explained that the reason for such high mortality rate is that 80% of the patients never report until the disease is at an advanced stage.

With support from WHO and its other partners, the Ministry of Health has planned to vaccinate 2.5 million teenagers and young women between the age of 10 and 26 years. The First Lady Sophia Martelly has expressed Haitian government's solidarity with the development of cancer research and therapeutic programs. She also said that we should encourage every program of prevention and early detection of cancer. Since there were no ready statistics on the number of breast cancer cases in the country was available, Dr. Cornelly, to get an idea, referred the number of women who visits Bernard Mevs center for chemotherapy. His center received more than 135 breast cancer cases in June 2013 alone. On an average the center treats 2 to 4 women through chemotherapy session every day and Bernard Mevs provides necessary medication for the treatment through chemotherapy.

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