In Haiti where the sick is cared for by families, how would we prevent a spread of Ebola

As we all have been have been observing the development of the ebola virus, some would say it is just a matter of time before the first case appears in Haiti. Although this is something I would not wish on the country, it is important to consider this option as it is a possibility.


What will the Haitian authorities do if ebola appears in Haiti? Let's share some critical information about the virus.

One, we all know that it only becomes contagious after the infected person start showing symptoms. if someone is infected with the virus but does not show any symptoms, that person can't infect another.

Second, once symptoms set in, Ebola is very contagious.

Third, Ebola is spread through direct contact with body fluids, that is if the blood or vomiting of an infected person travels through.

Last, in a dry surface, Ebola virus can survive for several hours. It can be picked up from doorknobs, countertops, etc. In bodily fluids, it may survive for several days.

Therefore, at the moment we detect the first ebola case in Haiti, the entire community needs to be isolated, with teams of health professionals bringing the necessary supplies to treat the affected population. There is one cultural factor that will likely make it difficult to control a ebola outbreak in a country such as Haiti. As a costume, sick people are usually cared for by family members. By the time ebola is detected, many family members, friends and relatives would have likely been infected as well

Pawor Pale, Pawol Kompran

Eske nou janmin panse si toutfwa ebola ta tombe en Ayity, coman nape fè. Se nou konsidere problem ke maladisa bay gran payi, et si se yon ti payi tankou Ayiti?

Li inpotan pou nou konnin kek bagay de maladi ibola sa:

1) Moun kapab ginyin ebola et li pa bay moun li. Se yon sel lè ke maladi-a vini contagye, se lè moun sa gin lafyeb, li jin vromisman.

2) Nou konnin tou viris sa kapab rete nan dlow pou plizyè et yon kote ki sek pou kek lè san li pa mouri, et pandan tan sa nimpot moun kapab trape li.

Yon nan problem nou kapab ginyin an Ayiti si Ibola ta rantre nan peyi-a, se ke li ginyin yon chans pou yon moun ki gin maladi sa bay tout fanmiy li. Dabitid, se fanmy ki okipe fanmi lè yon malad. Avan otorite detekte ke yon moun ginyin li, lape deja bay tout fanmy li Ibola.

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Subject: In Haiti where the sick is cared for by families, how would we prevent a spread of Ebola edit

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