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Clinton Bush Haiti Fund in Support of Bernard Mevs Hospital

Bernard Mevs Hospital is underway to receive a total of $442,100 dollars benefit, courtesy of Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Grant. This funding is aimed at facilitating educational training seminars for medical professionals and practitioners in Haiti. This announcement comes after the Bernard Mevs Hospital received the state-of-art Medical equipment which has eventually transformed it into the sole well equipped medical facility to handle major surgeries and critical trauma victims.

During a visit to the hospital, Bill Frist, a renowned US surgeon and senator, said that there was great need in holding educational seminars which will enable Haitian medical professionals to handle the new equipment with competence. With the State-of-art equipment acting as the center of attraction, there will be an increased number of competent medical professionals from Bernard Mevs Hospitals as well as other high profile hospitals in Haiti.

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New Health Centre in Capotille, near Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Several years ago, Haitians living in the northeastern area who didn't have access to health care or money for hospitals and medicines were forced to travel to the neighboring Dominican Republic to be treated and cared for. A new health center has been built in Capotille, near Ouanaminthe.

Providing sufficient health care for almost ten million Haitians is one of the biggest problems the Martelly administration is currently trying to work. Health care is a human need and is every citizen's right.

The Ouanaminthe's municipality of Capotille in the North East Department has been one of the sites where a new health center has been built. It was formally opened in July by the Minister of Public Health and Population (MSPP) Dr. Florence D. Guillaume and was built with a mere $8 million budget. The new Capotille Health Center is part of President Michel Martelly, First Lady Sophia Martelly, and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe vision of providing a health facility in every communal section of Haiti in order to ensure the welfare of all Haitians. The health center will be able to provide health care to about 18,000 residents and will be given more medical supplies, equipment, and medical professionals for better service and a wider reach.

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Cuban Medical Brigade fighting cholera in Haiti

Cuban Doctors in Haiti

The contribution of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti can not be ignored. These doctors are treating cholera victims in some of the most remote regions in Haiti.

According to top officials of the United Nation Stabilization Mission, the centers operated by the Cuban Medical Brigades in Haiti are part of the important work to fight the cholera epidemic, along side with Doctors without Borders and many other medical groups.

Haiti is in need of a lot more doctors and nurses to combat the cholera epidemic. The UN top humanitarian official stated recently that Haiti needs at least 100 more doctors and 1,000 more nurses to handle the epidemic effectively. Doctors from Cuban Medical Brigade, Doctors without Borders and many other medical groups currently providing services currently will not be able to provide care to all these people.

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University Hospital of Haiti reborn

Haiti medical problems

A total of $25 million is allocated to be invested in Haiti Health Care. With a plan to rebuild University Hospital of Haiti, the governments of Haiti, France and the U.S. agreed to form a partnership in order to improve the overall health in Haiti.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship to provide needed health care to the Haitian population?

I believe that this relationship was formed as a result of a need to improve the health care system in Haiti. For too long, the country has been left by itself to solve its own health problem. It's like telling a sick person who is unable to get off the bed to go find the medicin in the medicine cabinet. As the President Rene Preval would say: "Nage pou nou soti".

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