What we pay for our Fears

They steal, rape, kidnap, and kill their way into many people's fears. Aside from these threatening uninvited visitors, the ordinary household could turn into a danger zone because of the simplest of objects and areas. Knives, loose electric wires, flights of stairs, and even a banana peel could prove to be very fatal.


Fear dominates the existence of the human race. That is why some businesses try to make money out of it. Billions of dollars are spent on products and services that supposedly ensure the safety and well-being of an individual. This is what people pay for the sake making their fears come true, but to what extent?

Different types of alarm systems are the most pricey safety products that people invest and spend so much money on. In United States alone, Americans spend an average total of thirty billions dollars every year. This includes the installation of video surveillance equipment both inside and outside the house. Next thing on the list is baby-proofing to ensure the safety of infants and toddlers in different parts of the house and various household objects that can be fatal. Also, ensuring water safety is highly essential, especially for homes with swimming pools to avoid the occurrence of drowning. This is also true when it comes to car safety as drivers try to practice at all times safe and proper driving. And in the current global economic recession people and businesses experience, life and property insurance are given high priority by many.

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