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The 175-room Marriott hotel opens in Haiti

The opening of Haiti's newest hotel, only the second in the country that is internationally branded, is being heralded as a new hope for the country. What it also could become, is a viable new hotel model within the region, bringing a functionality to the expected luxury that could well benefit the host country where it matters, their GDP. The effort of the partners Marriott and Digicel have made this possible through a $45 million USD investment that has birthed the 175-room ray of hope that is the Marriott Port-au-Prince.

What makes the hotel so full of potential to Haiti's tourism is obvious, it is beautiful, named and has a lot of press buzz, but what makes it full of economic potential for the country is the innovative business model set to fuel the daily needs of the hotel while heaping benefits on other businesses in the country. Various articles necessary for the day-to-day functionality of the hotel that can be sourced from local producers will be bought from these suppliers, ramping up the earnings of these business, small, medium, and large alike.

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Expedia Lodging Services visiting members of the hospitality industry in Haiti

Representatives of the American-based company Expedia Lodging Services that serves several global online travel brands including,,, trivago, Egencia and more is currently in Haiti to evaluate the tourist potential of the island.

The multi national, mega tourist promoter around the world will be in Haiti from April 21 to 24, touring Hotel and resorts such as Best Western, Karibe Hotel, Hotel Royal Oasis, El Rancho, Prince Hotel, Le Plaza, Wahoo Bay, Club Indigo, Moulin sur Mer and Kaliko Beach club before including them into their list of recommended hotels and resorts.

Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996 and later purchased by TicketMaster, Expedia serves several global online travel brand and operate more than 100 branded points of sale in more than 60 countries. During their visit in Haiti, they intends to get additional information about these hotels, the Haitian culture and tourist sites within the country that will allow them to present Haiti as a tourist destination package to their online visitors.

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Hilton to open its first hotel in Haiti, 150 rooms Hilton Garden Inn

If there is one sector of hope in Haiti, we all have to agree it is in its Hotel. After Oasis Hotel, Best Western Premier hotel which opened in Port-au-Prince's Petion-Ville suburb in the spring of 2013, Marriott hotel which is set to open in 2015, now it is the turn of a major hotel chain to announce that it is also interested in Haiti. Hilton has signed an agreement to open its first hotel in Haiti.

Tedd Middleton, vice president of development for Hilton World Wide America, signed an agreement on Thursday to open a 150 rooms Hilton Garden Inn in Port-au-Prince. The Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, who was present at the signing ceremony, took the opportunity to invite other business people around the world to come to Haiti and invest as well. As he often stated, the prime Minister said that "Haiti is moving forward to attract investment". Hilton Garden is expected to be open in Haiti in 2016.

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Petion-Ville Best Western Luxury Hotel's Successful Launch

The Best Western Premier Hotel in Petion-Ville is enjoying a successful first year. Opened in April 2013, its occupancy rate has averaged over 70%. Corporate travelers make up approximately 85% of accommodations, and are pleased Port-au-Prince can offer them a first-class experience.

Regional Director for Best Western, Tom Osborn, reports operations have had a few bumps in the road, generally with training the staff. But he added this is to be expected, and has not harmed the brand, because media coverage has been positive, especially in regards to the indigenous art incorporated into the hotel's amenities.

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New Hotel Villa Therese Hotel in Petion-Ville

Haiti can boast some of the best looking hotels within the region, a feat made even more impressive following the slow, though admirably steady, state of recovery after the 2010 earthquake. With the opening of the new Villa Therese Hotel, the country is one step closer to reclaiming the tourist charm the government so desperately desires.

The beautiful new property, located in the neighborhood of Petionville, opened its doors in the latter part of 2013. The area in Port-au-Prince has seen a swell of hotels since 2012. This addition, found on Rue Leon, adds to a list including the Best Western Premier, the Royal Oasis and the NH El Rancho. It is a fully equipped hotel with 23 rooms, all with full-sized beds, private bathrooms with air conditioning and cable TV. On the property are scenic gardens and a swimming pool. Adding to the convenience of the charming hotel, free Wi-Fi and an in-situ Haitian cuisine restaurant are offered.

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Moulin Sur Mer Resort

Moulin Sur Mer Resort is a magnificent colonial style beach resort in a large sprawling property located in Montrouis-- one of the best beach tourism destinations in Haiti. The resort is situated by the side of a vast beach along the clear turquoise waters of La Cote des Arcadins. It offers 68 comfortable rooms with superb views, decorated in Haitian art and crafts, modern bathrooms, wardrobe, safe deposit box, free Wi-Fi, well groomed gardens, sandy beach coves, water fountain, children playground, enormous outdoor swimming pool, bars and restaurant.

The restaurant serves local and international cuisine all along the day. Some of the rooms are equipped with television and mini-bar. The sunset over a nice sand beach is really awesome. You can experience free Kayaks ride offered by the resort and enjoy the ride all up and down the coast for a couple hours. If you want to explore beautiful coral reefs, relax, the management hires cool scuba diving equipments to its guests. There is a museum in the area that worth a visit.

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Petion-Ville El Rancho Hotel Open after Renovation of East Property

The Spanish company, NG Hotels, has re-opened its resort hotel in Petion-Ville in the Ouest Department, a bedroom community near Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. The El Rancho Hotel stands in the center of town, affording easy access to historical and cultural landmarks from any direction. The El Rancho Hotel is located near to the Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

A certified four-star establishment, El Rancho Hotel is made up of two adjacent divisions. Located on the east side of the hotel property, the hotel houses an Executive Suite, as well as Deluxe and standard suites at market rates. This part of the hotel property has been completely renovated after the 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake decimated Haiti, in order to attract the higher-paying guests.

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Four Seasons Hotels to start Serving Haitian Coffee

Four non-government organizations (NGOs) have partnered to aid coffee producers in Haiti, growing coffee beans for the export market. The Clinton and Leslois Shaw Foundations, along with La Columbe Torrefaction and Four Seasons Hotels, have revealed Four Seasons will start offering Haitian coffee on its menus. The variety chosen for inclusion on the menus is a coffee bean indigenous to mountainous areas enfolding Thiotte. La Columbe is the coffee bean wholesaler.

Part of a long-term partnership to outsource Haitian coffee to wider markets, the NGOs intend to create more employment opportunities and raise the standard of living for many Haitians as the enterprise develops new markets.

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Cormier Plage near Cap-Haitian

The vast and beautiful Atlantic Ocean greets you on one side with a pristine, unpolluted beach to beckon you into its shallows. On the other side is a teeming, voluminous botanical garden, overflowing with exotic plants, flowers and trees. One of 34 copious, airy guest rooms opens up to you; modestly elegant furnishings and perks like a spacious bathroom, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning make you already glad you came. Then comes the clincher... a walk-out balcony facing the sea and garden that had been beckoning to you since you first arrived.

This is the type of magic the Cormier Plage Hotel and Resort enlists to give its patrons a most wonderful stay. Located so advantageously, it could almost be called the cynosure of Haiti's north coast, Cormier Plage could easily be used as the starting point for a drove of other vacations in nearby Labadee, Cap-Haitien, Amiga Island and more.

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Clinton Bush Haiti Donation Fund invested in five star hotel

Clinton Bush Haiti Donation Fund invested in five star hotel

On one hand when over 500,000 Haitians are living in IDP camps in the capital city of the nation and its surroundings, 5 Star hotels are popping up and the latest being the Royal Oasis Hotel in the metropolitan area that is plagued by poverty. $2 million from Clinton Bush Haiti Donation Fund has been invested in erecting the luxury hotel, which was actually

This investment in building a luxury hotel comes with a hope that it will attract foreign investors who will invest in new factories in Haiti, paving the path for new jobs. The hotel is also built to attract humanitarian workers and wealthy tourists who have help the nation to revive from the ruins of the 2010 earthquake. There is however, a dilemma about this overall concept as experts refer to the Hotel Boom of Haiti as deep skepticism and cautious optimism.

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