Hilton to open its first hotel in Haiti, 150 rooms Hilton Garden Inn

If there is one sector of hope in Haiti, we all have to agree it is in its Hotel. After Oasis Hotel, Best Western Premier hotel which opened in Port-au-Prince's Petion-Ville suburb in the spring of 2013, Marriott hotel which is set to open in 2015, now it is the turn of a major hotel chain to announce that it is also interested in Haiti. Hilton has signed an agreement to open its first hotel in Haiti.


Tedd Middleton, vice president of development for Hilton World Wide America, signed an agreement on Thursday to open a 150 rooms Hilton Garden Inn in Port-au-Prince. The Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, who was present at the signing ceremony, took the opportunity to invite other business people around the world to come to Haiti and invest as well. As he often stated, the prime Minister said that "Haiti is moving forward to attract investment". Hilton Garden is expected to be open in Haiti in 2016.

One thing I know is that a major investment by a Multi-national like The Hilton in the hotel industry in Haiti means a lot. What it signals are two important things: Stability and Commitment.

We need to go back and analyze this further. We all need to understand the following principles:

1) A Multi-national company does not have a heart; therefore, it do not make a decision based on emotion. It will not invest in Haiti just to help feed the starving people of Haiti

2) Before a Multi-National decides to invest in a project, a sector of the market, an industry, or in a country for that matter, there is a lot of studies and analysis by experts in the field that take place and the only objective is Return on Investment (ROI), with consideration to the risk level.

3) For an unknown, unstable market such as Haiti with a history of high risk level, before these people could actually decide to make these kind of investment in it, the incentives have "got to be good". I would bet my life on the fact that there is a high level of guarantee they received from the Haitian government, backed by some major power in the world.

In brief, I am feeling more and more comfortable with future investment outlook for Haiti as these Multi-Nationals are coming. With them, come jobs, stability, increased opportunity for investment, a building of the Haitian Middle class. Also there will be less time available for street protest, property destruction.

We need to see them as the only real source of stability for the future of Haiti.

I am not following the logic that multi-nationals are going to exploit the Haitian people with low salaries and bad working condition. That would be the duty of our government to make sure that these multi-national are treating the workers fairly.

Once again, until someone can prove me wrong: I ma feeling very good with this news that Hilton Garden Inn is open its first 150 rooms hotel in Haiti

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Rose says...

I am in total agreement with you as Haiti needs all type of exposure, whether it be a multinational investor or not this is a great advancement for Haiti as Hilton is a big

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Raymond Lafontant says...

That is a good news in all senses.

Hilton does not build hotels, it is in the service industry.

One should discuss with the developer to have a better understanding of the

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