Michel Forst, Human Rights United Nations Independent Expert Resigned

Independent Expert on Haiti's Situation of Human Rights, Michel Forst of United Nations has resigned. This announcement was confirmed MINUSTAH's spokesperson. MINUSTAH is a peacekeeping mission working in Haiti. The spokesperson confirmed this announcement to the Caribbean Journal. He said UN Human Right Council's recent session held during the 3rd week of March, 2013 that Forst's resignation was completely on personal grounds and that Forst served Haiti as independent expert on Human Rights for 6 years since 2008.


In his final address to Human Rights Council, Forst, a native of France, said that he was really disappointed in Haiti's Rule of Law as well as human rights. He strongly disapproved a few aspects that included:
• Magistrate nomination for partisan or political ends.
• Arbitrary arrests.
• Extended pretrial detention.
• Threats given to journalists.

Michel Forst also expressed his unhappiness and concern about prisons in Haiti where prolonged detention was prevalent for more than 80% of the prisoners. Forst was also concerned about the fact that violators of human rights enjoyed impunity and that reign of terror is gradually creeping back into Haiti. He said that strong steps are required to deal with these problems.

Michel Forst however expressed that he was happy about some positive improvements like attempts to fight poverty as well as appointment of Human Rights' Minister Delegate. He raised questions about Cholera issue that several experts affirm was brought into Haiti by Nepalese peacekeepers of United Nations.

Remigiusz Achilles Henczel from Poland who is the President of Human Rights Council expressed his gratitude and thanked Michel Forst for the excellent work he did and hoped that the person succeeding Michel Forst will continue to do the same.

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