A prayer for Haiti before Hurricane Tomas hits

This goes without saying that Hurricane Tomas concerns lots of people around the world for Haiti. These people, more than one million f them, are literally living out in the streets. The tents that they are currently living under are not even effective in keeping the sun out.


Hurricane Tomas is likely to bring rain which many experts predicted will exceed 20 or 30 inches. Major flood with mudslides is also likely following hurricane Tomas.

So imagine, winds of over 90 to 110 mph in tents while water rising with mud. By the way, there is an outbreak of cholera going on right now in Haiti and hurricane Tomas could create a more widespread outbreak.

This is definitely the formula for even more death in a country like Haiti that already berried over 300,000 of its citizens following the January 12 earthquake

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Johnny Fortune says...

We need to hold on to our faith when God does not make sense to the situation of haiti.

We can not explain why and we will not question God Plans.

What I do know that He is making plan behind the sceen for Haiti.

we can not see it but we need to just beleive that He is who He said He is, and He can do what he said he can do. Haiti there are better days to come. At this point we are limitless on what we can do because there are many obstacles from the NGO to your own goverment who's taking advange in the mist of your agony.

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