Restriction on 23 Dominican-made products, a Haitian victory

After years of conducting uncoordinated politic toward the Dominican Republic; after so many years of Master/ servant relationship between the two countries, I am feeling a little bit hopeful with this decision of the Haitian government to put restriction on 23 Dominican-made products in direction to Haiti. This marks a turn in decades of allowing the Dominican Republic to export everything they want to us with any restriction.


Haiti accounts for $1 billion annually of Dominican imports. I want to make an important correction in that figure; this is an official number which does not take into account the illegal trades. In addition, Haitians currently studying in the neighboring country also contribute largely to the Dominican economy.

As we have been contributing enormously to the to the wealth the Dominicans now enjoy, they in turn have turn it against us. With their politic of Antihaitianismo, Haitian have historically been receiving some of the worst treatments any human can receive by Dominican Governments. Lately, their treatments toward us have been getting from bad to worst. Haitians have been physically abused. We have been bitten, humiliated, deported, killed, lynched.

It seems to me that we, Haitians, have been contributing to our own mistreatments by the Dominicans. We have been arming them with the proper equipments to enforce their Antihaitianismo policy. By buying their products, putting our children in their universities, supplying them with hard working Haitian sugar cane workers, we have managed to furnish them with the money required to purchase the machetes to cut our throat, the ropes required to hand us on the tree, the buses to transport us over the border.

If this decision of the Haitian government to put some restrictions on 23 Dominican-made products holds, it will mark the beginning of a new Haitian policy that will start removing some of the means that have been provided by Haitians to the Dominicans to continue to abuse us

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Ricart says...

"Dominicans forgot all now; They were under Haiti for 21 years on the president Jean-Pierre Boyer; I never forgot that"

You know who else didn't forget that?

The Dominicans, who have an armed forces that consists of approximately 44,000 active duty personnels, the second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean.

So go ahead, rebuild your army, dig up Jean-Pierre Boyer, come over to East side of the island, and let get ready to

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Franck Desir says...

Dominicans forgot all now.They were under Haiti for 21 years on the president Jean-Pierre Boyer.

I never forgot

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Ricart says...

When you live comfortably in some first-world country like Canada, USA, France, etc, you do not have to worry about the repercussions of an economic war between Dominican Republic and Haiti; consequently, you end up not giving a damn if Haitians back in the island starve to death, as long as you can exact economic blackmail on the Dominican Republic.

These vindictive and self-serving individuals care more about their vendetta against the Dominican Republic, than they do about the economic welfare of their compatriots in Haiti.


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Janee says...

If this is true, it would be a big victory with the Haitian

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Nestor P Mateo says...

I am totally agreed with this article; but that's only one part of the equation.

In order for Haiti to be able to hold its ground in this product-market-offer-demand confrontation, the country must be able to produce locally all of the products that are being prohibited into the country, and to produce them with an even better quality, at a lower cost of production, and to be able to offer them at more competitive prices.

Haiti has all the potential to process these and other products locally, nationally, but the government, private enterprise, the center of higher education and the civil society, represented by "seriously committed to the progress" ONGs, cooperatives, and petit planteurs organizations, must come to defined agreements and commitment to work together for the development of the

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Charles M Solomon says...

I feel this is a good stand on Haiti's part on the restrictions of buying Dominican products.

I feel we can do business with the neighboring countries that are close to our island and start a stock market our an investment company of those markets of with those countries that surround us and build our country.

please feel free to read Charles m Solomon facebook page.

I have been trying to sell my ideas to companies for over months now and I would love to sell my ideas even to foreign companies.

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Alex Bastien says...

Bravo Haiti but, we still need to do more to damage their

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