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This is it, Permanent Electoral Council finally created

It does not matter if you are upset with the decision. It does not matter if you want to start a protest movement. The reality is Permanent Electoral Council is a fact in Haiti. You might think it's illegal, a serious error, made up of illegitimate members, can only be subordinate to the Executive, will likely plunge the country into a crisis. That is beside the fact.

The inauguration of the first 6 members of the Permanent Electoral Council that were appointed recently took place one on August 21, 2012 by President Michel Martelly. Mr Josué Pierre-Louis was appointed President of the new CEP.

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Blackout at Michel Martelly Swearing-in caused by act of Sabotage

Can you believe this? Someone actually cut the electric wire with a machete to cause the blackout during the inauguration of Michel Martelly.

According to Edmond Mulet, preliminary investigation for the power outage or the blackout that occurred on Saturday, during the inauguration of Michel Martelly was a premeditated act and was done as an act of sabotage.

Someone actually thinks the best thing to do is to destabilize the event by causing a blackout.


Edmond Mulet stated that the electric cables that were supplying electricity to the building where the ceremony took place were cut with a machete.

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Michel Martelly became the new President of Haiti in Blackout

The historic moment just happened in total Blackout. President Rene Preval just transferred power to Michel Martelly this morning around 9:45am. Everything happened in an orderly fashion

The most important event is a Blackout that happened during the process.

Port-au-Prince in blackout

The two presidents were very amicable during this process. The former President, Rene Preval, wanted to make a speech, but it could not happen due to the unfortunate blackout.

Sa fe Ront.....

The phenomenon of Blackout during the event was more of an event in itself

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The inauguration of Michel Martelly is underway

We are waiting for the the two main actors to show up. In that I mean Michel martelly and Rene Preval

No Dechoukay this time....

There was a rumor that Actual President Rene Preval would not transfer power to Michel Martelly.

Today, we will be able to get all these rumors to rest as both Rene Preval and Michel Martelly are expected to be on the podium on the ground of the old, destructed National Palace of Haiti

So far , the only former president we see present is former Haitian president Ertha Pascal-Trouillot. No sign of either Jean-Claude Duvalier of Jean-Bertrand Aristide so far

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The inauguration and swearing in of Michel Martelly, Who are in the guest list

We have the latest information about the inauguration of Michel Martelly. If you do not have the same information here, it can only mean one thing:" You were not invited to the inauguration and swearing of the next president of Haiti on May 14.

Don't feel bad about it if you were not invited and don't worry. Many important Haitian figures will not be included in the inauguration of president-elect Michel Martelly as well.

"Chanje mèt, chanje metye."
Trade the boss, trade the job.

The "Haitian Joudalist" will bring you all the important and juicy bits and pieces about the inauguration of Michel Martelly as the President of Haiti.

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