Government of Haiti Blames Donors for Halting Recovery

After three years of very little movement on rebuilding efforts to repair Haiti's damaged infrastructure, a new body has been created by the government of Haiti (GOH) to quicken funding for construction projects. Originally, construction projects were initiated under the Strategic Plan for the Development of Haiti (SPDH). But GOH did little to actualize projects.


As Prime Minister Lamothe explains, "Donor funds have focused mostly on emergency relief . . . the time is now for nation-building." In place of SPDH, GOH has created Committee on Coordination of External Aid for the Development of Haiti (CAED). The purpose of CAED is to create a system, in which all participants work together to speed up funding so rebuilding can occur at a faster pace.

Lamothe is responsible for initiating rebuilding projects, as part of President Martelly's mandate. But he has failed to accomplish his mission. He blames international donor agencies for not dispensing funding dollars fast enough, and whines, "If only the disbursement procedures of the international community had been faster, we would have made more progress . . ."

The truth is GOH handed out contracts for favored contractors without a bidding process. When the international community found out, they refused to dispense any more funding dollars to GOH. They demanded transparency before they would release any more monies. CAED is GOH's response to the demand. It is due to GOH's negligence to properly administer funding dollars that they have stalled the recovery.

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