Global Peace Index, Haiti improved 15, from ranked 107th to 92 out of 162 countries

Since 2008 there has been a gradual fall in the global peace index with peace levels declining by 5%. Though the world as a whole has become less peaceful place to live in, Haiti has shown remarkable improvements in the global peace index. The country managed to jump up 15 slots in the world ranking list and now currently sits at position 92.


It has been found that the global decline in the peace levels is not a result of any external conflicts, i.e. conflict between countries. It is rather caused by internal conflicts. The improvements registered by Haiti are 3 best globally with Chad and Georgia booking 1st and 2nd spots respectively when it comes to overall improvements.

Though the economic conditions of Haiti has declined through the transition from 2012 to 2013, the country has managed to pull up its peace index. Local and legislative elections are overdue in the nation for 2 years and political instability keeps haunting the country but still Haiti improved its peace index from 2.18 in 2012 to 2.08 in 2013 resulting in a total of 5% increase. With this, Haiti moved to position 92 in 2013 from 107 of 2012. This is a total of 15-slot improvement. On the other hand, her neighbor Dominican Republic lost 1.5% and moved down by 4 slots to position 94 in 2013 compared to 90 of 2012. Jamaica also lost 4 slots and moved to 117 from 113 while Cuba moved up to 65 from 70 with an improvement of 3% in its peace index in 2013.

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Subject: Global Peace Index, Haiti improved 15, from ranked 107th to 92 out of 162 countries edit

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