Haiti jumped 15 slots, in 2013 Global Peace Index, leaving Dominican Republic behind

If the outstanding performances of the Haitian soccer team did not impress you about our recent progress, here is another one peace of news that will demonstrate to you or anyone in doubt that Haiti may finally be on the path to success.


The latest Global Peace Index just released showed Haiti's improvement in overall peace is the third best globally beside Chad with the number one position and Georgia, number 2.

The yearly Global Peace Index report had showed an improvement of 15 slots, moving from 107 to 92 in the world.
Interestingly enough, in comparison to our Caribbean neighbors, Haiti has been the country with the greatest improvement in terms of peace over the past year. We are safer than the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, while moving closer and closer to be as safe as Cuba.

Here is the ranking, according to The Global Peace Index for 2013:

Cuba: 65 position out of 107
Haiti: 92 position out of 107
Dominican Republic: 94 position out of 107
Jamaica: 117 position out of 107

To borrow a famous phrase from President Michel Martelly:

"Ayiti Yo Pa Vle wè, Se Li Yo Pwal wè"

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

The Haiti issue in security is not the protection of the individuals.

The issue is if the PNH has the capacity to control a general riot and the stability of the country.

A positive response will facilitate the growth of economy life. Up to now, this guarantee is offered by

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

Peaceful country?

A good reading of our history proofs the

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Arlene says...

I give God all the glory, I thank his Holy spiritbrbringing peace on the island of Haiti, God is the Prince of peace so prays are working, Haiti will prosper, Jesus will change the hearts of the people & the devil worshippers, in Jesus

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Bruno Duvivier says...

If we want to control Haiti crime, we need to go after the Lavalas party with its gang leader, Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Did we have this level of crime before Aristide decide to tell his gang members to go after those who have. The problem of crime will not be resolved without putting Aristide in Jail or deport him back to South

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Marie Lucie says...

Here are the hotspots in Port-au-Prince.

High-crime zones in the Port-au-Prince area include Croix-des-Bouquets, Carrefour, Bel Air, Martissant, the port road (Boulevard La Saline), urban route Nationale#1, the airport road (Boulevard Toussaint L'Ouverture) and its adjoining connectors to the New ("American") Road via Route Nationale#1. Also we need to remember that the Haitian police are understaffed, poorly equipped and unable to respond to most calls for assistance.

Haiti is still a dangerous

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Jacques Charles says...

Haiti has historically been a peaceful society.

If we continue to tackle the issues related to Drug pushers, Deported, gangs, people involved in prostitution, child trafficking, we will control crime in Haiti.

There is the phenomenon of some political leaders arming the young, desperate youth in deprived neighborhoods, like Cite Soleil, Delmas.

The government needs to attack these people as well.

Once we manage them, the country will be peaceful.

And once Haiti is peaceful, the diaspora will bring

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Neg Dahomey says...

This is the best news so far coming out of Haiti.

If there is no kidnapping, I will visit Haiti.

Since the level of kidnapping has been reported to be high, I have not been to Haiti.

The ball is on the court of the Haitian authorities.

If they want to see more Diaspora to come and spend money, all we are asking for is security.

So far good job Martelly.

Slowly, we will build the country back and become less dependent on foreign

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Moliere Bernard says...

Hopefully we will give credit to where credit is due. Once Lucmane Delile took office as Chef du Parket de Port-au-Prince, he went directly after the kidnappers.

The phrase if I can remember correctly is that as a message to the kidnappers: You stop the business of kidnapping of "Fouyon Twou Mete Tet Ou. I think this improved placement in the 2013 Global Peace Index is a result of the great people working in Law enforcement in Haiti.

Good job guys and keep up the good

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