Pierre Gage, Haitian singer and songwriter

Pierre Gage is a great singer of a time that has had a great success in the music industry. He was is of a Jamaican-Haitian ancestry and has been greatly influenced by this in his career as he sings mostly sings soul and reggae songs with which he has been able to easily make it in. He began his career as a singer while still in high school by landing the role of Johny Roquefort after attending an audition for the rock opera Starmania.


Pierre Gage hence began his career in the music industry which was heavily influenced by artists of the time such as Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Lauryn Hill. He then went ahead and met with Corneille and Gardy Martin with whom he started the group R'n'B O.N.E. This group was one of his greatest moments as the songs they did together were some of the greatest in the time and were a stepping stone for the group as a whole.

Corneille was an exceptional writer and composer of songs and thanks to him brought Gage and the group up to great new heights they possibly could not have reached without him. The group at some point went on tour where they opened for acts such as Isabelle Boulay and Kelis which were great hits and which made them grow much further than they already were.

However after 3 years Corneille left the group to start a solo career. Pierre Gage also left and at first concentrated in acting and theater where he stayed for a while but eventually came back to the music industry. He stayed in touch with Corneille and after a while he released his first album which contained songs written and composed by Corneille. He got so famous with these songs and has ever since been a great solo artist.

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