Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas leading in new Poll

You can say that it is a miracle or you can say that Jean Bertrand Aristide is still a political force in Haiti. However the fact remains that after the leader of the Political Party Fanmi lavalas has spoken, there has been a major effect. According to the latest poll conducted by Haitian Study firm "Sigma Stat Consulting Group", Maryse Narcisse is now the leading candidate.


A total of 1,025 people were sampled for the study. The results obtained was as follows:

- Maryse Narcisse (Fanmi Lavalas) with 27.9%
- Jovenel Moïse (PHTK), 18.9%
- Jude Célestin "(LAPEH) with 14.9%
- Jean-Charles Moïse (Pitit Dessalin) with 8.8%
- Steven Benoit (platform Konviksyon) 6%


What do you make of this latest poll?

Do you think Fanmi Lavalas candidate, Maryse Narcisse, is really leading?
If it is true that she is currently leading, do you think the recent public endorsement by former President Jean Bertrand has anything to do with it?

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