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Political Asylum Sought By Sony Thelusma, 'Ti Sony'

The famous "Ti Sony" attempted to seek political asylum in January, 2013 at the US Embassy, according to sources. He was afraid for attempts on his life.

Sony Thelusma, AKA Ti Sony had filed a complaint against Jean Bertrand Aristide for exploitation.

His group had planned to put up a demonstration with a sit-in at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. However, this did not turn out the way it was planed. Police in Delmas police was called by the American officials and as a result, Sony Thelusma, AKA Ti Sony and hid group were picked up and taken to jail by Delmas Police

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Lucmane Delille Case Against Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Simon Dieuseul Desras, President of the Senate stated to a journalist on Thursday that Lucmane Delille, Port-au-Prince's Government Commissioner is not competent enough nor does he have the disposition at a professional level to purse a case against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the former President.

Who Should Deal The Case
Delille seems unfit for various reasons. It is recalled by Senator Desras that the capital city's government commissioner was a GNB or the Grenn Nan Bouda member. GNB translation indicates, 'sexual organs of males in the buttocks'. Elites as a reactionary group formed GNB that includes Haitian President who was a musician formerly. In 2004 to oust the President, Group 184 funded GNB.

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Guy Malary Assassination

The 1990s was a long rough patch for Haiti and Guy Malary was one of the victims of that period in Haiti

The country was overwhelmed with chaos and violence due to political turmoil between the Haitian government under former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, during his first term in office, and several military leaders and groups. Thousands of individuals who advocated for change and for democracy lost their lives during this dark phase in Haitian politics. One of these noble men and women is Guy Malary.

Guy Malary was the former Justice Minister of Haiti, put into office by Aristide in 1991 and served until his untimely death in 1993. His term was Justice Minister was set in a country torn by violence and the thirst for control and power. He was given the very dangerous task of formulating and presenting laws and policies to the Haitian parliament's legislation that will divide the country's police from the military, a highly-sensitive issue during this time as the parliament was strongly divided with opposite opinions and stands regarding this suggested separation. Malary also sought for the implementation of the Governor's Island Accord and a positive change in Haiti's judicial system.

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Assassination of Me Mireille Durocher Bertin

As victime of the time, Mireille Durocher Bertin.

Aside from the death of Minister of Justice Guy Malary, former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's first term in office during the 1990s was shadowed in the assassination of another heroic Haitian personality advocating for change and better governance. This adds to the long list of the Aristide and his supporters' involvement in various extrajudicial killings.

Mireille Durocher Bertin was a popular Haitian lawyer in the 1990s for her human rights advocacies and her active protest against the reinstatement of Aristide as Haiti's President, as pushed by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and the U.S. government. She was a well-known outspoken critic of the former president and his government, being a member of the right wing of the then divided Haitian society.

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Former Haitian president, Ertha Pascal Trouillot, denounces Jean-Bertrand Aristide for Conspiracy

During an interview with Valery Numa at Radio Vision 2000 this week, former Haitian president, Ertha Pascal Trouillot, was showed little reserve. She managed to give us some important facts during her government.

She was very hard on another former Haitian president. Ertha denounced a conspiracy created by former President Jean Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas group in the objective of murdering her.

She went into some details on the Coup D'etat orchestrated by the late Roger Lafontant one January 6, 1991.

Ertha Pascal Trouillot also blamed Jean Bertrand Aristide for not taking the opportunity he had at the time to reconcile the nation with itself and at the same time bring Haiti on the path of development.

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Former president Jean Bertrand Aristide to go to Court on January 3, 2013

Is this a sign of what the year 2013 is going to be for former Haitian president Jean Bertrand?

The former president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand is scheduled to appear in front of the Prosecutor of the Civil Court of Port-au-Prince this January 3, 2013 to answer two separate complaints. The Fanmi lavalas leader is going to be buzy as he will deal with a group of former students of his social work "La Fanmi Se Lavi" as well as his alleged responsibility in bankruptcy for the fraudulent financial cooperatives in 2002 and 2003.

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Complaint against Jean-Bertrand Aristide by Members Victim of Cooperatives

A complaint was filed against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, former President, by the National Coordination of Members Victim of Cooperatives - (CONASOVIC) for conspiracy, fraud, theft and breach of trust.

Vast Swindling Leaves Members Ruined
CONASOVIC Coordonnateur, Rosemond Jean made clarifications that, former President of CNC - Council of Cooperatives, Henriot Petiote, Head of United Hearts, David Chery and former leader of the CADEC - Cooperative of Insurance Savings and Credit have also been pursued in the complaint by Members Victim of Cooperatives.

During the bankruptcy of 2002-2003, all assets had been lost by the financial cooperative members numbering thousands who had joined the scheme attracted by the 10% interest rate promised. There was a collapse of the get rich scheme due to the vast swindle thus leaving the members ruined and Haiti, much poorer.

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Jean Rene Duperval, sentenced for bribery by Cinergy and Terra

Jean Rene Duperval, a senior telecommunications official in Haiti whom everyone highly thought of was found guilty on corruption charges of having received a bribe from two Miami based companies by the names Cinergy and Terra, in order to give them a lucrative long-distance phone contracts in the Caribbean nation. Evidence at his trial in March showed he took almost $500,000 in bribes. He was hired as Haiti Teleco's director of international relations by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2003, is the first Haitian government official to be convicted at trial by the Justice Department under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The law prohibits American businesses from paying bribes to foreign businesses and government officials.

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Bateur Metayer Biography

Little was known about Buteur Metayer prior to the assassination of his brother, Amiot Metayer in September 2003. It is said that he came to Haiti from the United States with the objective of avenging the death of Amiot. Bateur took over the operations of the Cannibal Army, a rebel group which his brother had founded in the 1980s to resist the dictatorial rule of Duvalier.

Buteur Metayer then renamed the army, giving it the name Artibonite Resistance Front, which he used to fight off President Aristide's policemen. He was very significant in the hostile takeovers of Gonaives and other towns as his group demanded for the immediate resignation of Aristide for corruption and for siphoning money from the poor.

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The Massacre at Raboteau

The Massacre at Raboteau began April of 1991, pro-democracy candidate Jean-Bertrand Aristide won the Haitian presidency. Immediately following his victory, the de facto military dictatorship (FRAPH) Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, obstructed Aristide's right to take office with a coup d'etat. In response, the citizens of Raboteau demonstrated, disseminated pro-Aristide literature, and even hid fugitives. During this overthrow of the nascent democratic government, FRAPH beat and killed 26 victims, according to News Haiti, but unofficial estimates put the total at 50.

In the same month, FRAPH invaded every home in Raboteau, arresting, beating and, sometimes, throwing their victims like garbage into open sewers. They also pursued those who escaped, stalking the citizens, arresting, torturing and/or shooting them. They even went so far as to commandeer citizen fishing vessels, shooting at escapees fleeing by sea. As a final malicious act, FRAPH refused to let victims' relatives claim their bodies.

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